Why Do Men Obsess About Penis Size?

Just like women are obsessed with the size of their breast, so are men, obsessed with the size of their penis. There is nothing wrong with this obsession, as it is completely harmless.

Being obsessed with the size of the penis does not mean that the man is a gay, immature or emotionally unstable. This entire notion is completely untrue, and is illogical. The main reason why men worry about the size of their penis is that, somewhere, they know that size matters to women too.

Men too worries about pleasing their woman

Most men would pretend that they are not worried about pleasing their women. However, this is not the truth. Men are as worried about the competition, as women are. They are constantly worried that someone else might please their woman better in bed, and he might lose her to him. This constant worry makes a man obsesses over the size of his penis.

Sex to a man is one of the most beautiful things in the world. This is one of the best way in which he is able to express his love to the woman he is in love with. Sex is not only a form of enjoyment, but is an expression of his love for her, and he wants to give in his best for the woman he loves.

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The size of the penis is a matter of pride for most men. It has been seen that most men are content and satisfied with their love life, but they still worry about the size of their penis. The reason behind this is that men feel the need to know that they will be able to satisfy other women along with their own. This is a completely harmless imagination, which pleases them, and motivates them to perform better in the bed. Most men do not intend to cheat on his partner for other woman. It's just done to boost their self confidence.

Men obsession over his penis size

We have come across men, who are perfectly comfortable and happy with their sex lives. A bank employee, who is happy and satisfied with his love and sex life, still thinks about pleasing other women, as he has small penis size. He loves his partner and is never going to cheat on her, but is worried about his penis size.

A stripper from Tornado states that her boyfriend is long but not thick. This does not make any difference, as he fits her well. However, her boyfriend is still worried about the size of his penis.

If people who are happy and content with their sex life are worried about their penis size, you can imagine how self conscious others must be feeling. There are other things in a man, which a woman values more than the size of the penis. However, does this make worrying over the penis size unnecessary? This worry might be completely justified, as the main aim of the man is to please his woman during sex.

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