Male Anatomy 101: 5 Little-Known Facts About Penis Size

All men, across the globe are worried about the size of the penis. One of the most pressing question and the most debatable topic is “Does size matters?”

While some men are proud and confident about their penis size, there are men, who are anxious and worried about their penis. They feel that they do not qualify in the general category of the so called large penis. Well, size does not have anything to do with the way you perform in the bedroom. You will have to learn and master the right technique, so that you are able to please your woman in bed. If you still have doubt over the importance of the penis size, then read on to know more.

The size of the penis of an average person

An average penis is more or less 5 inches, and it is around 1.5 inches in girth. A study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine in the year 2013 stated that the penis length of an average American after erection is around 5.6 inches and its circumference is about 4.8 inches. It has been seen that only 15 percent men had penis, which is 7 inches in size and only 3 percent of the men has penis, which is 8 inches.

Most men try to predict the size of the penis just by looking at their penis. However, you can never tell the size of a man's penis by looking at it. Hence, it is advisable to measure it with a measuring scale to know what is the right size of your penis is.

Scientists have tried to correct the myth about the connection of different parts of the body to that of the penis size. In the year 2006, this well held belief was tested by scientists and was published in West American Journal of Medicine. The study stated that men with flat buttocks and small physique are more likely to have longer penis.

While the relation of the buttocks to the size of the penis now has scientific source, it was found by the researchers that men with large buttocks are more likely to have longer penis than those with smaller buttocks. However, the size of the penis does not have any link to any other part of the body.

Losing weight gives an appearance of a larger penis

Losing weight is one of the best ways to create an illusion of having a large penis. When you have flatter abs and the fat around the penis area such as your thighs, lose excess fat, you will automatically notice that you tool looks much larger. This is not rocket science to understand the simple fact that due to excess fat on your belly and regions around it makes it look smaller.

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If you are work out regularly under expert supervision and proper diet regime, you are sure to lose weight in a much healthy way. You do not have to go for crash diet, as it will only make you weak, which in turn will affect your sexual performance in bed.

Penis anxiety among men has no association with its size

Men are always anxious about their penis size, no matter how well endowed they are. In the year 2013, a study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which stated that men with average and above average penis, along with men with small penis, felt self conscious and inadequate. In this particular survey, it was seen that 35 percent of men were happy and satisfied with the size of their penis, and 30 percent men were dissatisfied and worried with the size of their penis.

It has been noticed that the anxiety about the size of the men is found more among older men, bisexual and gay. It is believed that prevalence of large penis is a matter of shame among gay and bisexual men. In older men, it is the fear and the insecurity of not being able to perform well during sex.

Erect gay penises are bigger

On an average, penis size of a gay man is one third of an inch. In the year 1999, a study was published in the popular journal for men called Archives of sexual behavior, which stated that erect gay penis is usually of this size, and it is suspected that it may be due to parental hormone, affecting the size and structure of the genitalia. These also affect a few structures of the brains as well. The size of the penis was ideally self reported.

Penis size matters only in case of one nightstand

When men are looking for one nightstand with meaningless sex and no strings attached, then the size of the penis is a matter of great concern to him. In the year 2014, a study was conducted in June, at the meeting of Association for Psychological Science at San Francisco, California, USA found that in case of meaningless sex, with no strings attached, it is the girth of the penis, which matters and not the size.

According to the researchers, the reason for this preference might be that the vagina is sensitive to pressure and can easily deduct the pressure caused due to stretching, which can only be created if you have a thick penis, it is also believed to achieve orgasm among women.

Remember all that you have read here, and be confident when you are in bed with your partner. You are surely going to blow her mind with the amazing sex.

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