Small Penis Syndrome

Discussions surrounding penis size is extremely sensitive and must be approached with caution. Unfortunately, regardless of the way one chooses to address the issue, it involves real painful feelings as well as suffering among those men who believe that they have a too small penis to satisfy a woman. It is a topic that cuts deep into the heart of the virility of men and their sense of masculinity. Subsequently, there is an urgent need to study and understand some of the evidence from the field of medicine concerning the issue.

A literature review on the issue of men and penis size reveals that it is actually normal for individuals to underestimate the size of their male organs. The situation is so severe that some medical practitioners believe that it isn't psychologically abnormal for a person to believe that he has a small penis. However, if this belief eventually turns into an obsession, it interferes with their performance. When this happens, the medical practitioners see it is as abnormal.

A lot has been said about colossal penises and average penis sizes. On the other hand, individuals are so afraid of speaking about smaller penises, yet there are so many men who are suffering from the small penis syndrome. It is the anxiety of a man thinking that his penis is too small- even though it actually isn't. This is an entirely different condition as having an actually small penis. It is important for you to distinguish this with the clinical condition of micropenis.

Men are often disturbed by concerns that their penises aren't sufficiently large to satisfy their partners or even themselves. They are ashamed to have other people view their dicks – and more so, in the flaccid state. Unless your situation is a micropenis, such concerns are unfounded in reality. They could be a presentation of anxiety and other clinical problems like erectile dysfunction. When these concerns are excessive, they might result in small penis syndrome. In many instances, it is usually a worry that is described as being within the normal experience of the majority of men.

Characteristics of male suffering from SPS

Men suffering from this anxiety condition possess certain characteristics. The anxiety state influences their lives in considerable negative ways. First and foremost, there is a particular psychological rigidity, fixation and even obsession. Individuals with SPS are absolutely adamant that their penises are too small to satisfy a woman and themselves. They stress the fact that they have already measured their penises and appear inordinately focused on the measurements obtained. Similarly, they have convinced themselves that they lack the potential to please a woman through intercourse. However, they can't provide enough evidence to prove their convictions.

The majority of these individuals admit having had few, and in extreme cases, no sexual experiences. Let us consider the situation of a guy who believes that he cannot satisfy a woman in matters sex, yet they have never had any sexual encounters. How is this even possible? How can they substantiate their claims, or rather convictions?

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For those who have few sexual encounters, there is an implication that they did it with prostitutes. Further, most of them may have had a single sexual experience. Others admit that they avoid sexuality altogether because they are deeply ashamed of the size of their penises. Collectively, these men believe that all the women would treat them with contempt should they ever see them naked.

Men suffering from SPS tend to be extremely focused as well as fixated on women and what they like or dislike. They perceive women as castrating, ridiculing, and goddess-like. This perception eats them much deeper, emotionally and thus worsening their condition. With respect to this, they do everything possible to avoid women and circumstances that could lead to such women having a view of their genitalia.

Apart from engaging in avoidance behavior, these men are found expressing grave and fundamental fears about their capacity to perform sexually, their appearance and their social inadequacy. The deep fear is perpetuated by extremely distorted perception regarding women and the whole idea of sexuality.

The shame, anxiety and the absence of real relationship experiences make these men feel depressed and hopeless. At times, and in extreme cases, men suffering from small penis syndrome become suicidal. I have read forums on the internet where these men have left comments of how miserable they have become and how they wish to die than suffer the embarrassment related to penis size.

Handling small penis syndrome

A thorough assessment should be conducted, and strategies formulated to normalise the worry. Further detailed treatment options with the patient are critical in order to allow the issue to be consolidated in a satisfactory manner within the male ego.

Presently, there is no known medical procedure that can safely and reliably enlarge a small penis. Besides, men suffering from SPS do not have small penises in reality. If you are suffering from this condition, you certainly need the help of a urologist who is going to take your problem seriously. For some people, counselling and education have done the trick. If this doesn't work for you, psychotherapy is what you need to overcome your obsession with the penis size. If this isn't taken care of, it could adversely interfere with your life.

By all means, stop comparing your penis with that of your colleague, friend, family member or the man you just saw walking on the street. This is one of the greatest causes of SPS, apart from poor sex education, penis related teasing and past sexual experiences. Further, rest assured that, women aren't so much concerned with the penis as people would love to make you believe. Additionally, women are not heartless, and they aren't everything else you think they are.

If your problem persists, seek professional help. Consult with your local doctor who can refer you to specialists capable of helping you with your penis problem. The sooner this condition is resolved, the better it will be for you. The last thing you want to deal with is severe depression.

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