What Is The Average Penis Size?

All About Average Penis Size And Clinical Studies Conducted In This Field

As human beings, we have a tendency to be competitive in every aspect of our life. Whatever we do or whatever we are, we never like to be considered as an average person or below average. This is the same case when we talk about men and their penis size. They simply cannot stand the idea of being average in spite of the fact that most women don't really care about the penis size.

However, since men are so much obsessed about their penis size, the question - what exactly is the average penis size is something of great importance to them. This is may be the reason, which has led several urologists undertake different studies to identify the average penis size. Amongst these studies, the ones, which have gained a lot of popularity and are considered important, are outlined below.

Back in 19th century, there were hardly such bold men, who would comfortably get undressed just for an experimental study. Keeping this scenario in mind, we can considered that a paper published in 1879 by Dr. W. Krause, which reports that an average erect penis measures 8.5 inches cannot be taken seriously. However, for sure men of that time would have considered this real and must have thought that they are not lucky enough to even fall in the list of average ones.

Later in 20th century, several clinical studies were undertaken to answer this question of average penis size. Fortunately, these studies have given far more results that are genuine and the results for sure have pleased most men.

The Kinsey Study (1948)

The Kinsey study is considered as one of the most important and vital studies in finding the average penis size. Alfred C. Kinsey, the founder of Kinsey Institute, published a controversial book “Sexual behaviour in the human male” in 1948. Along with other topics, Kinsey included the results of his most exhaustive clinical study on average penis size in this book.

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The study was conducted on nearly 3500 subjects. Flaccid and erect penis sizes of all the subjects were asked for and the study concluded:

Erect Penis

  • Average length- 6.21 inches

  • Average girth - 4.85 inches

    Flaccid Penis

  • Average length - 3.89 inches

  • Average girth - 3.75 inches

    The study also concluded that more than 65% of 3500 subjects had an erect penis length between 5.5 to 6.5 inches. This conclusion made it clear that any male falling in this size range can be considered normal and average.

    However, it was also noted that there was a monumental flaw with the Kinsey study. All the subjects measured themselves and measurements were not taken clinically. This leaves a question whether the measurements obtained were genuine or not. Since, all the studies conducted later show average penis size smaller than the Kinsey study results. Nevertheless, till date no other study have been conducted using so many subjects and hence the Kinsey study until today remains the most important one.

    The Durex Study

    With an intention to verify that their products fit individuals perfectly, many condoms company have undertaken their own clinical research to find out average penis size.

    In 2000s, Durex undertook an online survey and collected the penis measurements of 2936 men. However, just like the Kinsey study, subjects had to provide their own measurements and there was no way to ensure the accuracy of the measurements collected.

    However, the Durex study concluded when erect:

  • Average length - 6.4 inches

  • Average girth - 5.2 inches

    Lifestyle Condoms

    Lifestyle condoms undertook a clinical study in the same field in 2001. They worked out using a more scientific approach. A team of medical professionals took the penis measurements of 301 men and each man was measured twice to ensure the accuracy of the measurements taken.

    Lifestyle Condoms actually wanted to conduct their study using 1000 subjects, but it wasn't possible. However, until date it was the largest study conducted on average penis size, which was based entirely on accurate measurements.

    The study conducted by Lifestyle Condoms concluded when erect:

  • Average length - 5.877 inches

  • Average girth - 4.972 inches

  • More than 60% of subjects measured between 5.1 and 6.2 inches in erect length

    Well, this one was really surprising. However, since the accuracy of the study was higher than other studies, the results were considered genuine and precise. When compared to all the previous studies, the results given out by Lifestyle Condoms were almost a ½ an inch less.

    These results were supported by another study, which was again conducted with a scientific approach and individual and accurate measurements.

    A Brazilian urologist measured the penile size of 150 men and gave out the following results when erect:

  • Average length - 5.7 inches

  • Average girth - 4.7 inches


So, there is one simple thing that you can conclude from the above studies and that is, men tend to exaggerate their penis size if given an opportunity. No doubt, the average penis size still is a question since no study can actually give such results that satisfies everyone's mentality.

Both the studies based on self measurements conclude that average erect penis length falls somewhere around 6.2 to 6.4 inches. On the other hand, studies which were undertaken with a more scientific approach and which are based on accurate and independent measurements shows that an average erect penis length is less than 6 inches.

Well, one thing that can certainly be concluded is that the “average penis size” is something where most men fall, i.e. somewhere around 5.5 to 6.4 erect penile length and 4.7 to 5.2 erect penis girth. So, one thing that you can be sure of is, if you measure around this range, then you are surely in the list of average men. You can relax since nothing is wrong with your penis length. Last but not the least, the whole idea of penis size concludes how obsessive men are about their penis size.

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