Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

If at some point in your life, you have had to deal with issues of penile size, or you are still dealing with the same, you wouldn't want your child to go through the same. We both know it isn't something you would wish even for your worst enemy. In any case, even if you are well packaged, you would certainly want your boy to enjoy a similar level of confidence, become better in the bedroom and consequently take pride in his masculinity. It is quite unfortunate that we live in a world where the masculinity of a guy melts down to the size of the penis.

In that regard, it is your responsibility, as a parent, to make sure that your boy child maintains proper penis growth and development. You must already be wondering what role you are required to play as a woman as far as penis growth of your child is concerned. It is for this reason that you need to have a deep understanding of the factors that cause underdevelopment of the penis.

Every baby boy is born with a full set of reproductive organs. Your boy's penis starts to grow right from the time he is born- like any other body part- and stops upon reaching 18 years. Nevertheless, there are several environmental factors that influence, positively or negatively, the growth of a male child's penis. Let's first establish what usually determine the size of a penis.

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There are basically two things namely genetics and hormones. What does this mean? If a person has a small penis, two things can be attributed to the situation. First and foremost, he was destined to have a small penis. Secondly, something might have gone wrong during the period his penis was growing. During puberty, the body of a young man alters to that of an adult. Further, the rate at which his penis develops is influenced by genetics as well as the supply of the hormones responsible for growth.

It is important to note that no one is capable of influencing hereditary reasons. On the other hand, parents can take care of the development of hormones that usually affect the growth of the penis. The commonest reasons that hinder penis growth and development include excessive physical or emotional stress, malnutrition and prolonged medical conditions. Unfortunately, these reasons are known to also inhibit the growth of the entire body. Parents, therefore, have a duty of facilitating the right environment for their sons to attain optimal growth.

Excessive cycling can result in penis underdevelopment, and this is something that came as a shock to me. I am almost sure that it will leave you surprised as well. Although bicycling has always been considered as among the best forms of exercising, too much of it can hinder optimal penis development for your son. Extensive cycling may lead to penile failure, shrinkage, genital numbness and even underdevelopment. When sitting on the bicycle, nearly all the body weight concentrates on the area between your sit bones. This means that all the blood nerves and vessels that feed the penis are virtually blocked or even almost shut off because of too much pressure on the area. This causes an insufficient supply of the elements that determine the growth of your child's penis. Apart from minimising the amount of cycling your boy child engages in, you may change his bicycle sadder to a wider one that is considered relatively safer.

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