Penis Enlargement Methods To Avoid

There is so much hype going around about the penis size of a man. Unfortunately, the modern society appears to measure the masculinity of a man based on the size of his penis. This has in turn put a lot of pressure on men to increase the size of their penises. It's no wonder there is so much information on the internet about penis enlargement. They will tell you about the benefits of penis enlargement as well as the various methods of enlarging your male organ. However, there is one thing that they will almost never tell you; penis enlargement methods that you should avoid. Today, I want to let you know the techniques of enlarging penis that you should avoid, by all means. Some of them are potentially dangerous and others just don't work. Let us look at them, one by one.

  1. Penis enlargement pumps

They are just that; pumps! They come in either motorised or manual suctions. They are usually fitted over your penis and when turned on, they create a vacuum around the penis resulting in blood rush to the penis, making it engorged which results in an erection. Pumps have been utilised to assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction. They are at times used alongside cock rings. These rings are usually pushed to the base of an erect penis prior to releasing a vacuum in order to restrict the outflow of blood from the penis and consequently maintain an erection for up to thirty minutes. Pumps are now a notorious product on the market and typically seem like a practical device for enlarging a penis. This method is not only false but also very risky. Some of the risks involved aremale impotence, bruising, manipulation of the skin colour and mild disturbance of blood vessels. If used wrongly and vigorously, there is always the possibility of damaging the vascular. The process of penis enlargement shouldn't involve any potential harm or putting someone in a dismal condition. Additionally, the truth of the matter is, pumps don't have a lasting effect on the flaccid or erect penis.

  1. Penis enlargement surgery

Anyone who tells you that penis enlargement surgery isn't risky lies to you. Supposedly, it is the only permanent solution for penis enlargement. It entails cutting some ligaments holding the penis shaft inside a man's body. Through the release of this tension, more of a person's penis becomes more visible and consequently lengthening it. A person also needs to stretch their ligaments using hanging weights or using stretching devices in order to prevent the ligaments from reattaching and subsequently obtaining a permanent gain in the penis length. In order to increase the penis girth, the fat cells from other parts of the body are normally transplanted into the penis. Up to 70 percent rate of no-satisfaction has been reported following penis enlargement surgery. Additionally, there is a high risk involved and besides, there isn't any major medication organisation that is yet to approve these surgeries. Further, it is also very costly and a procedure that someone needs to think very carefully prior to considering it.

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  1. Hanging weights

This is yet another method that is widely adopted and used by penis enlargement enthusiasts. They are usually used to juststretch a man's penis. However, there are too many factors that one must consider before deciding to use hanging weights for actual penis enlargement. Important factors like the penis size, the strength and ability of a person to recover must be kept into consideration. Further, one must rely on a professional to determine the right amount of weight to use as well as the progressive weight increments during treatment. One must find adequate help because of the risks involved. Hanging weights may result in penis deformation, harming of the ligaments, soft tissue tear, unpleasant erections and even severe impotence. In turn, a person may suffer from excruciating pain which may force someone to turn to surgery in order to repair the damage caused. I am certain that this isn't something that you would wish to face.

  1. Penis extenders

Were you already considering penis extenders? You may want to know that you will be required to spend between four to six hours per day wearing them. This means that you will have a stretching contraption strapped on your dick for such a long time. Further, you are not supposed to wear them while you are sleeping overnight. This means that you will spend several hours of the day walking, going to the work, grocery store and also stopping at the bar for beer with a contraption strapped to your crotch. In such a situation, you are exposed to all kinds of risk with regard to safety- not forgetting to mention the possibility of humiliating situations.

  1. Penis enlargement pills

Needless to say, the majority of PE pills do not work and only offer temporary gains. This means that, they are useful for people looking for harder erections as well as a temporary mild increase in size- particularly pills containing herbs necessary for providing increased flow of blood to the penis. Allergic reactions have been reported following the use of PE pills among some individuals. Further, most of the pills have ingredients that the FDA has categorically warned consumers against. They are very expensive, not effective for real PE, some brands have potentially dangerous herbal ingredients and besides, a slight harder erection isn't exactly the same thing as a larger penis.

Educating yourself about penis enlargement is paramount if you want to be successful. Being dissatisfied with your penis size or your sexual performance is a real challenge that should or must be addressed appropriately. However, prior to choosing a male enhancement method, it is important that you are well informed regarding what is involved to prevent putting yourself in a more severe problem to handle. I hope that the information contained in here will be useful in helping you make an informed decision.

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