How Do Small Penis Occur?

Penis size is one of the major concerns among all men, youth, and aged men as well. Unreasonable physical requirements of today´s world are slowly spreading among men. Women are severely anxious about their look and cup size while men worry about their penis size. In this blame game, women blame men and men blame women. A vicious, never-ending circle has been created and there is no solution to this problem.

What is a micro penis and how it occurs?

Inconspicuous penis or micropenis is a condition when a man has an erect penis length of fewer than 3 inches after puberty. Micropenis syndrome occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy when the penis fails to elongate due to an insufficient level of testosterone. This condition can be detected at quite an early stage of male baby's development. The micropenis is usually the minimum 2.5 times smaller than the average size of a penis for a distinct age group. To avoid unnecessary mental issues, learn about an average size of penis relevant to a particular age. Many men think they have a small penis when in fact they have an average sized and completely healthy penis.

The condition of micropenis is highly uncommon, affecting only 1% of men and often acknowledged soon after birth. The difference between an inconspicuous penis and the small penis is quite evident.

Generally speaking, a 4-inch penis is a small penis, and a penis smaller than 3 inches is usually considered to be a micropenis.

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A size of the penis can be influenced by many different factors such as hereditary, low prenatal androgen production, abnormal testicular development, congenital hypogonadism, Genetic malformation syndrome, gene defect, and fertility drugs. Even though a micropenis is a hormonal or genetic abnormality, it can be inherited as well. However, constant contemplation about this possibility during the pregnancy makes no sense at all.

The insufficient production of androgen hormone during the pregnancy may potentially cause a micro penis problem. Several diseases that affect testicles can also represent a danger for a male sexual organ to become underdeveloped. During the history, boys with micropenis syndrome had been brought up as girls due to mistaken identity. A man suffering from micropenis can have problems with urinating, performing a sexual intercourse and because of low sperm count, fertility can be negatively influenced, and severe low-esteem or depression may appear.

Micropenis treatment

Micropenis syndrome has been treated with a help of cosmetic surgeries, phalloplasty surgery, and a testosterone hormone therapy. Phalloplasty is highly efficient, but it represents a high risk and can cause some severe complications. Phalloplasty is advised not to be performed before the puberty.

In order to start the treatment of micropenis syndrome as soon as possible, a baby should be taken to the doctors immediately after some suspicions have arisen. The problem can be controlled if it is adequately addressed by adding a small dosage of testosterone from the very beginning. The cure may potentially initiate the growth of the penis and later the natural development of the penis can be achieved.

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