Small Penis Syndrome

Male gender is a part of the human race that is acknowledged to have tougher and more resilient nature. However, when talking about the area beneath the belt, everything changes drastically. All men are intensely nervous about the size of their penis. The pain and low self-esteem caused by the feeling of inadequacy due to a small penis syndrome are quite real to the person suffering from it. The modern medicine and psychology have come to a mutual conclusion for small penis syndrome to be taken seriously and therefore should be addressed and treated as a medical issue.

The situation has escalated to a manner that most men believe it is acceptable to think they have a small penis. The fact how frequently men underestimate the size of their penis and address it as a micropenis is very alarming. When their belief turns into a dangerous obsession, it becomes a frustration and affects the erection and performance of men, during the sexual intercourse. In the case of failure erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation may occur and the problem becomes a medical issue.

A high percentage of men who suffer from small penis syndrome have perfectly average sized penises. As the definition of small penis syndrome explains, men only think they have a small penis. An actual size of their penis has nothing to do with their anxiety. However, the small penis syndrome is an entirely different matter than a truly existing small penis. The person usually lives in shame, reluctant to talk about the problem and ease the fear of sexual inadequacy.

How to recognize the small penis syndrome?

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Men suffering from SPS usually develop certain characteristics, such as the constant presence of anxiety controls their life in a negative way. A fixation or even obsession occurs. Men with SPS are convinced their penis is not large enough, and that is impossible to please a partner or themselves.

Relentless talking about the insufficient measurements and self-afflicted lack of satisfactory performance through the intercourse is affective. Nevertheless, there is not enough evidence to back up their story. A man with small penis syndrome dislikes and avoids women as they are afraid of them as well. The consequences of SPS usually appear as depression and hopelessness.

Treatment of small penis syndrome

The first and most important thing is to regain the control of their life by assessing the situation and finding the right solutions how to normalize the worries about the male ego. So far there hasn´t been any medical options provided in order to efficiently and safely enhance the penis. With the intention to overcome the problem of small penis syndrome, urologist and psychologist should be probably contacted.

Counseling and education may make some difference and a possible breakthrough. One of the most important things for men, suffering from small penis syndrome is to stop comparing their penises with others. What men with SPS need to learn is that it does not matter how big penises are walking around the world, what is important is their penis and their relationship with partners.

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