Measuring The Penis

Men and their sexual organs have a unique almost sacred relationship as long as we can remember. The size of a man´s penis became a worldwide concern and a source of many sleepless nights. Due to unreal standards and false penis measurements, many men feel an enormous pressure and stress. The feeling of incompetency regarding the size of the penis or the fear they will not be able to satisfy the woman can cause some serious psychological problems to men.

How to accurately measure your penis?

First of all, you need to do some serious research about the process of measurement and the sizes relevant to your age group. Don´t be afraid to talk about or even ask experts for advice. You may get a far better result than you think. Unfortunately, people who do not know what are they doing or how much damage does the cause are usually the loudest. Don´t follow them, follow you instead and try to avoid inaccurate measurements. Furthermore, vital information when talking about the penis size is that everything looks smaller from above. That is why the majority of men think they have smaller penises than they do.

Many men just don´t know how to measure the size of their penis correctly. The results of measuring are usually distorted and so is the perception of what is thought to be an average sized male sexual organ. To avoid these problems try to follow some of the useful steps when measuring your penis. In order to have some meaningful values to compare them to your measurements, you need to learn what the average penis sizes are. Firstly, keep in mind that average size applies for adults only. The average size of a penis is 14-16 cm or 5.5-6.3 inches in the state of erection. Secondly, the average size of erect girth is approximately 12-13 cm or 4.7-5.1 inches. We can talk about a micro penis when the penis size does not reach 7.6 cm or 3 inches in length when erected. Less than 1% of men suffer from micropenis condition.

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What do you need to know before start measuring the penis?

When you measure your penis, have to be consistent, stick to what you are doing throughout the whole process. Be constant how you place your measuring device and on which side of the penis you keep the ruler. You have to be careful and try not to do things differently. Otherwise, the measurements will not be accurate. Another important factor while measuring the penis is a room temperature. In order to achieve the same measuring situation, you need to maintain the room temperature. Moreover, finally, the most important factor of them all is the measuring frequency.

When measuring the flaccid length and girth of the penis, you need to stand up straight and extend the limb to its full potential, however, be careful not to stretch it. Keep the penis in a parallel position to the floor and gently push the ruler to the pubic bone when you place it next to the penis. Measuring the girth can be a little tricky, therefore, use a measuring tape and wrap onto the center of the shaft. Try to be consistent with the measurement system each time. The second part of penis measuring is the measuring of the erect length and girth of the penis.

The most important thing while measuring is the use of the same technique every time you measure your penis. Position the rule alongside the erected penis and again press it slightly against the pubic bone. Be careful you always measure when a 100% erection has been obtained and don´t forget to measure the girth of the erect penis as well. There is no need for exaggeration, just be satisfied and learn to operate with the length and width you have got.

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