Exactly How Big Is A Big Penis

The answer to this question has been haunting men for centuries. When do you qualify to have a big penis? It's a very ungrateful and a hard to respond to the question. Perhaps the closest answer to this issue is in comparison to the average penis size.

Therefore, all you need to perform a satisfying sexual intercourse are following features; 6.21 inches in erect penis length, 4.85 inches erects penis girth and 3.89 inches, flaccid penis length. These studies included 3500 men and were carried out in 1948 as one of the largest and most famous studies of Kinsley Institute. Even though the Kinsley Institute studies still stand for a decisive factor, there is one problem, and quite an essential one.

The measurements were carried out by men themselves, and that is why the authenticity of these measurements might not be as reliable as they claimed to be. Furthermore, a renowned condom manufacturing company carried out another medically supervised the study. Their findings of an average were normally a little different, and the results were 5.87 inches in erect length and 4.97 inches in erect girth. Therefore, Nowadays a size of 6 inches stands for a decisive comparative factor for a penis size. However, if we decide to accept these measurements as the average, in order to explain, how big precisely a big penis is, it surely needs to be larger than the average, larger than 6 inches.

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Things start to get serious at 6.75 inches and more

According to Kinsley studies the percentage of men who could qualify in the category of big penises is 22.7 %. The top 22.7 % men involved in studies, measured 6.75 inches or more. Therefore, when talking about big sized penises this could be our answer. If your male sexual organ meets the mark of 6.75 inches you belong among pretty exclusive individuals. You are allowed to feel good about yourself, as your erect penile length is greater than 77.3% than the rest of male population.

If we dig a little deeper and set another milestone of 7 inches, 17% of men remain. Meaning they have bigger penises than 83% of male community. And finally, an incredible erect length of 8 inches and more is reserved to only 1.8% of the entire male population. The information based on Kinsley studies are quite a reliable factor, therefore we can use them in order to explain some basic facts about what is big and what normal size of the penis is.

Men relate to their penises in the way, the bigger the better. However, a female perception of a penis size may be a little different. Most women easily relate to a normal 6.5 inches sized penis rather than to a monster sized penises. Only 15-20% of women have a strong desire for larger penises. In reality an erect penis length of 6.5 inches is all what women expect from her partner. There are so many other properties that women find far more appealing than just an enormous penis size. In the end of the day, men need to measure up to their own ideals in order to feel good about themselves.

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