What Is The Average Penis Size?

Human beings, especially male gender, have been very competitively oriented since the very beginning of human race. Men had to fight for women. Hence, this strongly competitive behavior apparently became a part of their genetic code. As in every other area of human life above average is good and below average performance isn´t so great. When talking about their penis size men can get very defensive. It has always been a very sensitive topic for male part of the population to talk about. Even though the majority of men have normal sized penises, they usually see them as inadequate and under average.

Clinical studies about an average penis size

In order to break the myth of small penises, studies have been carried out to set a clear line what is considered to be a small, average and above average sized penis. Men often think their penis is smaller than it is. This kind of perception has a lot to do with their perspective and the state of their mind. The mind has the tendency to play some nasty tricks on people with low self-esteem.

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People at Kinsley’s Institute concluded it would be beneficiary for the entire male population to have some stone cold facts about the penis size. Even though women don’t care about the enormous penis size, men simply hate the possibility of having average sized or even below average sized penis. That is why studies about the average size of penis are so necessary. These studies provide the opportunity for comparison between an individual measurement and a widely accepted average factor of penis size.

According to studies all the men needs to perform a satisfying sexual intercourse are following penis measurements; 6.21 inches in erect penis length, 4.85 inches erect penis girth and 3.89 inches, flaccid penis length. These measures are known as an average sized penis. Studies included 3500 men and were carried out in 1948 as one of the largest and most famous studies of Kinsley Institute. Even though the Kinsley Institute studies still stand as a reliable factor, there is one essential problem. The penis measurements were not supervised or taken clinically as the subjects were carrying out the measurements by themselves. It may raise a question or two about the information credibility.

Furthermore, a renowned condom manufacturing company carried out a scientifically based and medically supervised study in the year 2001. Their findings of the average penis size were normally slightly different, and the results were 5.87 inches in erect length and 4.97 inches in erect girth. Nowadays a size of approximately 6 inches stands as a decisive comparative factor for a penis size.

The range of 5.5 to 6.4 inches in erect penile length and 4.7 to 5.2 inches in erect penis girth are acknowledged to be a regular size penis length. Women usually don´t care much about the penis size, only 15-20% of women have a strong desire for larger penile presence. Therefore, if your penile measurements fit within the above-mentioned range, you have an average sized penis, and there is nothing to stress about whatsoever.

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