The Anatomy Of A Penis

A male sexual organ, also known as penis has a very particular purpose in sexual intercourse with male and female. The knowledge and understanding of how a male sexual organ operates can be very useful for sexual performance and can also provide you with some valuable insights into a human body.

When describing the intact adult penis in the roughest way possible, we should mention three main parts of the penis, shaft, foreskin, and foreskin opening. After revealing the top of the male sexual organ, some of the structures can be seen, external foreskin layer, inner foreskin layer, foreskin opening, frenar band and frenulum.

The external foreskin layer begins in the shaft of the penis and continues toward the top of the penis. The inner foreskin layer is a mucilaginous (fluid produced by the glands of the Urethra) tissue of a particular type. External and inner foreskin layer are joint with the ridged rear band. The function of the frenar bend is to narrow down the foreskin opening when the penis remains in its flaccid state. During the process of erection, the foreskin opening opens up, and head of the penis can be seen. The glans penis is smooth, humid and very delicate. The frenulum is a joining covering layer, similar to the membrane underneath the tongue.

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The foreskin layers:

  • permit the development of the fluid to moist the surface of glans and an inner layer of the foreskin,
  • protect the glans from feces, friction and abrasion by creating a coat of protective compound,
  • maintain the glans humid,
  • lubricate the glans
  • provide help during sexual intercourse and penetration

Foreskin layers include finger-tip like nerve endings that help control the experience of ejaculation as the men can tell when he is reaching the threshold of orgasm. The frenulum and glans are very sensitive and therefore the most important area for erogenous stimulation of the male sexual organ. The emotional excitement based on frenulum and glans sensations is one of the significant elements in male perception of sexual intercourse. The shaft represents the base of the penis or in another word; it demonstrates how big the penis is. It shows both the length and the girth of the penis. This is the part of the penis; men usually stress about the most.

The possibility of foreskin gliding motion to achieve the stimulation of erogenous receptors is called the gliding mechanism. The gliding mechanism is a natural movement that contributes enormously to the sensations of pleasure during the sexual intercourse. The testicles are a substantial part of the male sexual organ and reproductive system as well. They are protected by muscle lined skin in the shape of a sack also known as the scrotum. Scrotum represents a safety net for penis and testicles. Testicles have two core functions, the production of the sperms and the production of testosterone.

The Pubococcygeus Muscle is the last part of a male sexual organ, and it is holding up the organs in the pelvic area. This muscle has been present with both genders, female and male. In case of penis enlargement exercises, the firming of Pubococcygeus Muscle is going to be your first target area as you need to build up this muscle to achieve a positive effect. Be smart and work on this muscle on a daily basis. Hopefully, this article will come in handy for a better performance of the penis enlargement exercise activity.

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