Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

Everyone who have had encountered problems connected to the size of the penis or its underdevelopment, knows it is one of the most horrid conditions that can happen to men. A father or parents would do just about everything to protect their son from facing this kind of agony. An underdeveloped penis can be the cause of many problems in men´s life. They usually measure their self-confidence, bedroom performance and overall masculinity by the size of the penis. It is quite a disturbing fact that men can be completely demolished by the size of their penis or rather the lack of it.

Factors affecting penile underdevelopment

In the majority of cases, a baby boy is born with a complete set of generative organs. Some factors may cause a potential underdevelopment of the penis during the developing age from birth till the time of reaching 18 years. The factors, influencing the size of penis growth are genetics, hormones, and environmental factors. The only factor causing the development of a small penis that cannot be reversed is a hereditary factor. However, the problems, involving hormones that control the penis growth can be treated and successfully monitored.

The last group of Maleficent factors, causing underdevelopment of penis is environmental factors. Parents can severely reduce this group of factors such as extreme stress, malnutrition or unattended medical conditions. Another environmental factor that can affect the development of male sexual organ is excessive cycling. Even though cycling has been classified among the healthiest of sports, it has an adverse impact on optimal penile development.

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Cycling can cause erectile dysfunction, numbness of male genitals and even underdevelopment of the penis. During cycling all the body weight blocks vessels and blood nerves which feed the organs, causing the blockage or diminished blood circulation to the penile area. The solution to this problem may be a wider seat on a child´s bike.

How to react in case of penile underdevelopment?

When parents realize that their son has a penile underdevelopment syndrome they need to think about a child first. There is no need for panic or some other nerve-wracking scenes. The family needs to visit the doctor as soon as possible in order to gain all information about a potential improvement or treatment of the syndrome. The goal how to overcome this condition is to build a strong and healthy personality with no cause for embarrassment. Avoid any negative thoughts or urges turning him into a victim.

Even though, slightly different, a person with an underdeveloped penis can still live and perform as anybody else. A patient can urinate while standing up and can also have a normal sexual function. A micropenis syndrome does not mean a failure and as long as you are open and discuss the problem he will most likely embrace the situation and adapt in the best way possible. Don´t deprive him of sex education, just remain honest and explain him the situation as it is. Give him the chance to develop as normally as possible don´t turn him into a helpless a victim.

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