World Record For The Biggest Penis

Ever since the beginning of the human race, we have the tendency to compete. Some of the achievements or personal features of full recognition are mildly said bizarre. One of them is undoubtedly the title for the man with the largest penis in the world. There have been many candidates trying to get this title but current holder of ˝the biggest penis in the world˝ is allegedly Roberto Esquivel Cabrera. However, according to his ˝heartbreaking˝ testimony, the fact that he is the owner of the largest penis in the World is more of a curse than a gift.

The biggest penis in the World – a curse or a gift?

A 52-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has the longest proclaimed male sexual organ in the world. The size of his appendage is supposedly 18.9 inches long. Mr. Carbera, however, has some serious medical problems due to the size of his penis. As he is unable to support himself financially, he would like to be declared a physically challenged to receive the government support. In order to receive the support, he had undergone several medical examinations, including the X-ray exam. According to the exam results he has been proven to be in the title of his effort to be declared disabled for work. The Mexican government has decided to grant his request for financial assistance due to his unusual condition.

After a thorough examination doctors came to a conclusion that the actual penis length was merely 6 inches and the rest of this massive formation was only excess skin. According to Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, he is the loneliest person in the world. He is unable to make any friends or get female companions due to his unusually massive appendage. Because of his struggle with life and medical issues, some renowned medical experts have implied he should consider a penis reduction surgery.

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Mr. Cabrera´s recent journey has been thoroughly recorded and the book "El Sordido Pudor" is just about to be released.

The previous valid owner of the largest penis in the world was Mr. Johan Falcon. The recorded size of Mr. Falcon´s penis is 13.38 inches. Even though a giant compare to the rest of the world, he lost his title to Mr. Cabrera and his super gigantic manhood of 18.9 inches.

Women and the size of the penis:

According to recent studies how women perceive a male sexual organ and whether the length matters the most some impressive results have been revealed. The results of studies showed that women prefer a bigger girth of the penis as oppose to length of the penis. When answering about the size of the penis, they choose the whole package rather than just the size of the penis. Women reacted mostly to the general, cosmetic appearance of the penis.

Women recognize a man as a whole human being and not only as a sexual object. Due to the information about how women perceive man and penis size, Mr. Carbera should perhaps reconsider the suggestion provided by the experts. In order to find the companion, he will most certainly have to lose some of his greatness.

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