Keeping A Journal Of Your Penile Enlargement Progress Is Important

One of the pro tips that you must have received in your penis enlargement program is to ensure that you record your progress. This is where you are expected to record your progress, or rather achievements regarding gains say, weekly or monthly. If you don’t understand how much doing this is worth, you will hardly pay any attention to it.

We should cultivate a culture of questioning why things are done, instead of jumping right on the ship just because the rest of the world is doing. Here, we look at the importance, or rather benefits of keeping a journal of your progress in penile enlargement.


You need to be stay accountable to your penis enlargement regimen. An updated journal will help you stay accountable at all times. Undergoing penis enlargement without a journal is like being lost in a forest without a map. What happens?

You keep running in circles, going back and forth without knowledge of where you are going, how you got there, and most importantly, you wonder how you will get out of the forest. If you had a map, it would help you establish where you are, how you got there, as well as a way out of the forest. A journal helps you in the same way.

With the record of how far along you are in your program, the future becomes clearer. Having a good understanding of exactly how much progress you have made goes a long way in ensuring accountability throughout the program.

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Boost confidence, patience, and tolerance

In as much as we always aspire to remain adequately motivated in every fight, sometimes our strength fails us. Mostly, these unfortunate circumstances occur when self-doubt shows its ugly head. Negative inner voices will be so loud that you will need an unyielding pillar to lean on.

When this happens, hold on to your journey. The positive experiences recorded reaffirm your potential during such weak moments. Some people have given up at their lowest points of weakness. With an updated journal that includes all your achievements and failures, your chances of giving up are negligible.

Even as you journal your progress, always remember that the best way to eat a lion is having one bite at a time. When forming new habits, patience and consistency are two critical elements.

Determine success and failure factors

Keeping a journal helps in the determination of success and failure factors in penis enlargement. If for instance you have been recording gains for the past couple of weeks, and then you realise that you have stagnated this past week, the journal can be used to establish the cause.

It can assist you to identify what you did the past weeks or months, which you missed out this time around. Through the determination of failure and success elements, and working on them, you will witness tremendous achievements in your PE regimen. Besides, you can even identify fresh ways of ensuring that you are faithful in your penis enlargement. A journal helps you to stretch your potential safely.

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