Guess Which Nationality Leads The World In Penis Enlargement

A few years ago, people hardly talked about penis enlargement – at least not in the open. Today, things are quite different. A paradigm shift has seen the world embrace male enhancement and all the benefits it offers to the extent that statistics relating to the same are released and analysed.

For instance, analysis about the world leading nationality in penis enlargement has been done annually for the past few years. Apparently, Germany is the leader in penis enlargement – measured by the number of penis enlargement operations performed yearly.

Based on the most recent figures obtained from International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, approximately 2786 PE surgery procedures took place in the Bundesrepublik in 2013/2014. Compare; or rather contrast this figure with the total 15,414 cases of penis enlargement surgeries performed across the world. The Germany operations are nearly equivalent to a fifth of all the worldwide procedures performed during this period.

While taking this analysis to another level, 2786 men can be interpreted to mean that 1 out of every 12,500 people in Germany underwent this procedure. This is about four times the number of men undergoing penis enlargement surgery in the number 2 country on the list – Venezuela.

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Wondering why the statistics are significantly high in Germany? Well, for starters, perhaps the urologists have managed to convince men why they should consider it in the first place. According to the German Institute of Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery, the procedure has the potential to enlarge the penis glans by about 30% to 50%.

This translates to increased length of between 3 and 6 centimeters and a girth increase of between 2 and 3 centimeters without causing visible scars. If this is the case, many people won't hesitate to go under the knife to improve their penis sizes.

Yet there is more. The Germans are said to possess a particular love for pornography. The release of Graf Porno und seine Madchen 1968 which pulled a total 3 million viewers, led to the legalisation of the porn industry in 1975. Irrespective, you can hardly compare porn the modern porn with that of the 1970s.

A lot has changed technologically, which has increased the viewership. For instance, unlike in the past, pornographic materials are all over the Internet. A person can watch whenever they like. What can the society expect from this? Among many other things, the more a man watches pornography, the more he is reminded of his inadequacies.

Haven’t you ever heard someone talk about Ron Jeremy’s dick? Or that of their favorite porn stars? Eventually, the envy turns to an obsession, and the next moment, one is convinced that he needs a penis enlargement surgery to match up accordingly. Now, combine this with the ready availability of German surgeons who have become specialists in penis surgery.

Men from various parts of the world are flocking to Germany to have their manhood improved. The GIUP (Germany Institute of Urology and Phalloplasty surgery) has branches in both Spain and Italy. If you are in search of a reason to visit Germany, why not take advantage of Todger tourism? By the time you are through with your vacation, your manhood will be close in size to that of your favorite porn star.

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