Never Use Padded Underwear To Fake A Big Bulge

The extent that men are willing to go to prove a point when it comes to penis size, is simply amazing. In the same way that women use wonder bra to fake the appearance of their ‘girls’ men have shown their willingness to walk the same path. It explains why the market for padded underwear has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. Does this go to show the desperation that men are facing in the modern world? Does a big penis matter this much? What is more, is the situation so bad that it warrants the use of padded underwear to fake a big front?

This article explains why this is not something you should consider. You will be doing yourself a great disservice, and you might not have the opportunity to create a better impression – especially if there is a woman involved. Here are reasons why padded underwears are not recommended:

It portrays you in bad light

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In the eyes of a woman, a man appears as a liar and a person whose confidence level is somewhere underneath the ground that he walks on. You make a woman believe that you are well packaged, manage to get her to like you, and then piss her off the moment you pull down those trousers.

You are not going to like the reaction on her face when she sees your real manhood. You will wish the ground would open up and just swallow you to escape the unspoken wrath of your partner. Haven’t you ever heard that women do not care about the penis size? That said, she is better off knowing where you stand regarding penis size, instead of making her believe a lie. You will even kill the possibility of having a relationship, and perhaps a future with her.

You are just burying your head in the sand

The question is; for how long? By faking the size of your wiener, it is a clear indication that you desire a bigger size, but you choose to do nothing realistic about it. A fake bulge may help you impress women and cow down fellow men, but that is as far as it goes. It does not change your true penis size. Thankfully, you can change your current situation.

The best way to approach this issue is to consider a suitable penis enlargement treatment. The marketplace of PE products offers endless opportunities to men of all calibre, including men working on a tight budget. You can choose from a wide variety of effective, safe and highly convenient penis enlargement products.

It is going to take you a while before you can witness noticeable gains, but it is doable. Focus on the main goal and try as much as possible to remain focused at all times. The journey demands a lot of personal commitment and unending determination. Only the strongest survive in this jungle of penis enlargement. One must show the willingness to hold on even when they feel like giving up.

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