Is Your Measuring Ruining Your Penis Enlargement Progress?

The society judges a person’s masculinity based on his penis size. While this is scientifically incorrect, it has proved difficult to change people’s perception. Unfortunately, men are forced to deal with the challenges associated with somewhat backward mentality. Since time immemorial, men have always tried even the impossible to enlarge their members. In the past, for instance, they would use crude techniques such as poisonous snake bites just to see a bigger penis. Luckily, advancement in technology has brought the much-anticipated change to the safety of the whole process.

Today, men have access to better, safer and convenient methods of penis enlargement. In recent years, a good number of them have substantially benefited from the innovations, and now boast of longer and thicker penises. This notwithstanding, one must note that the process of male enlargement is a demanding one. It requires putting one’s best foot forward. It calls for determination, and most importantly, patience is the single most important virtue that you cannot afford to throw out of the window.

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Speaking of patience, we must appreciate that not many people are always sufficiently patient. Patience means being able to wait, even when waiting hurts. Failure to cultivate this critical trait will deny you the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your penis enlargement efforts. Besides being able to press on during the process, you must be able to hold on, and postpone the urge to take those measurements. Always resist the urge to take those readings sooner than you are supposed to. You will be doing yourself wrong, and the worst part is, you will not have anyone to blame for it.

What are the disadvantages of measuring the penis sooner than necessary? First and foremost, if you take readings earlier than recommended, you will hardly notice any change. Such actions amount to frustrations and disappointments, which, unfortunately, can make you feel like you are not doing enough. Now, the problem arises when you are sure that you are giving it your best. The most likely thought that will overwhelm you is that the PE treatment is not working. At this point, you may decide to abandon the whole procedure completely, or if you are lucky, find an alternative product. While the last path is not that bad, it still means that you are disrupting a process that would have given the kind of results you are looking for.

The very first time you should take penis measurements is before you start the PE journey. Doing so helps you to determine, and come to terms with your current situation. It will also help you to establish if there are any changes a couple of weeks later after you measure your penis again. Don’t read your penis measurements daily – you will be frustrated. Try and resist the urge to measure your penis for as long as you can. On the same note, don’t avoid the task altogether. After several weeks, take the readings, compare with the first readings and mark any changes. Repeat this after every few weeks, determine the change, and find out where you are going wrong or areas in which more effort is needed to guarantee better gains.

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