Making A Homemade Vibrating Penis Pump

In modern days, DIY is increasing becoming a popular trend. Apart from showing interest in the mechanics of a device or product, individuals make their own products to save money. Have you been wondering whether one can make their own penis pump at home? Well, actually you can. Of utmost importance is to understand its mechanics and the materials needed to make it happen.

If you have already seen a penis enlargement pump, understood its construction and operations, making one can be pretty straightforward. Prior to making your own penis pump, it's essential to comprehend how it works in the first place. This will help you known exactly what you want to construct. The most beautiful thing about making a penis pump is the fact that you could be having the materials needed in your home. Nevertheless, you must recognise the fact that a homemade penis pump may not have a similar good quality as the ones made by reputable manufacturers. Still want to make one at home? Here we go:

Things needed

  • An empty plastic soda bottle

  • A sharp knife (needed for cutting the bottle)

  • A small piece of hose pipe that has reverse functionality

  • A good quality tape and

  • Some cotton

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After ensuring that you have all this items in place, follow the steps below to make your own penis pump. It's fun and exciting.

  1. Cut the base of the empty plastic soda bottle. By all means, don't cut it in half. Using the sharp edged knife, cut the bottom of the bottle. Use your penis size to determine where to cut the bottle since what you remain with will be used as the cylinder for holding your male member.

  2. Fix the hose pump over the base of the bottle that has been cut. Be careful not to leave any space between the hose pipe and the cylinder (the bottle). You may use as much tape as possible but be sure a vacuum is created in the cylinder. The hose pipe acts as a gaiter. You may also use a pressure rubber to ensure that the hose pipe gets fixed with the bottle.

  3. If you think the hose pipe is rough, you may decide to use some cotton. It is necessary for this surface to be as smooth as possible because it will have contact with your skin.

Well, making a penis pump can be done in these three simple steps. Hoping you are already done it, it's now time to test it out. Try holding your penis pump and then slide it inside the cylinder, the bottle, in this case, very carefully. The cap of the bottle should be air tight for it to successfully hold the pressure. With a few strokes, you should begin to experience pressure inside the homemade cylinder. If you experience excessive pressure, open the cap at the top for it to release pressure. It is, however, imperative to do the pumping in a manner that you don't hurt yourself. Also, research about the dos and don'ts before and after a pump session to get the most out of your homemade penis pump.

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