Tips For Using A Penis Pump Safely

One of the most efficient products in the market for penis enlargement is penis pumps. A lot of men have attested to the usefulness of penis pumps in enlarging their penises- both girth and length. On the other hand, the use of penis enlargement pumps is usually associated with certain risks. If used incorrectly, you can suffer mild to severe penis injuries. Depending on how you look at it, as a man, the male member is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Indeed, you don't want anything bad to happen to it.

For that reason, it is important to ensure accurate and safe use of the penis pump. Here are effective tips for using the device safely. Apart from keeping you safe, these tips can help you achieve optimal results from the penis pump.

  1. Don't over pump: everything in this world has a limit, including pumping the penis. Unfortunately, there are people who think over pumping will speed up the achievement of their penis enlargement goal. Over pumping is probably the biggest cause of penile injuries associated with male enhancement. One of the reasons why men result to over pumping is the sensuality and the comfort experienced when excessive pressure is applied to the penis. Actually, even when you are over doing it, you won't experience pain at that time- you will only feel it later. Ensure to track time when your wiener is inside the tube and also, monitor the pressure for you to remain within the safe zone.

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  2. Ensure to take frequent breaks: This is done to stimulate the flow of blood. A break in this instance entails releasing pressure that has been built up in the penis tissues. Usually, a three to five minutes break is recommended every fifteen minutes- especially when engaging in high level pumping. During such breaks, you may want to consider performing manual exercises like jelqing and stretching. If you are a beginner, limit your sessions to utmost 30 minutes and not more than 2 sessions in a day. On the other hand, intermediate pump users should be in a position to maintain sessions for utmost one and half hours. If you have been using a penis pump for a long time, sessions should be between two to three hours. What's more, you should be able to handle several sessions in a day.

  3. Lubrication: experts advise penis pump users to use a thick lubricant around the penis. It acts as an air seal for a vacuum to be created. Applying a lot of lube also helps to keep the skin moist. It will also prevent the skin from getting stuck to the cylinder sides as you use the pump. You may also want to consider trimming or shaving the hair around the area you wish to pump to create a vacuum.

The instructions provided by the manufacturer will go a long way in ensuring that the little, yet important details won't be skipped. These three tips will go a long way in helping you make the best out of your penis enlargement pump while staying safe at the same time.

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