Is A Penis Pump Better Than A Penis Extender?

Are you undecided about the best type of penis enlargement to choose between a penis pump and a penis extender? It is becoming easy day by day for men to enlarge their penises. Scientists are playing their roles proficiently in ensuring that men regain their bedroom dignity. More enlargement methods are yet to emerge in the near future. Therefore, there is considerable hope for partners to reinforce their relationships through pleasurable sex.

A penis extender is a device that uses the process of traction to progressively extend the penis to a desirable size. It is mostly associated with an increase in penis length with a little increase in girth size. A penis pump is a device used to increase the size of the penis through pumping. There are two main types of penis pumps; water based and air based. These devices help increase the blood flow to the penis during pumping. They can be used to achieve an instant increase in the size of the penis hence saving the day for any man looking to indulge in sexual intercourse then and there.

Both penis pump and penis extender have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of penis pumps are; they are more comfortable to use, they are cheaper as compared to extenders, it takes a very short time to do the stretching and they are effective in increasing the girth size. The advantages of penis extenders are; they increase the size of the penis, primarily the length, they are cheaper than surgical implantation and they can help correct Peyronie's disease and penis curvature.

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The determination of the best method of penis enlargement between a penis pump and a penis extender depends on the goal one intends to achieve. You may be looking to increase the length of your penis, or increase the girth size or both. Penis pumps are the best option when looking to increase the girth size permanently. On the other hand, penis extenders are ideal for increasing the length of the penis. However, when planning to get excellent results for both penis size and girth size, you can consider combining the use of both a penis extender and a penis pump.

Penis pumps and penis extenders also have their drawbacks. It takes a lot of time to see significant results when using a penis pump as they are mainly designed to offer an instantaneous enlargement. Besides, an air based penis pump is unsuitable for use in the shower. Also, you are likely to injure your tissues by overusing the penis pump. When it comes to correcting a penile curvature and Peyronie's disease, a penis pump won’t be effective enough in correcting the problems as compared to a penis extender.

The drawbacks associated with the use of penis extenders give penis pumps an upper hand. For example, a penis extender may not offer you an instantaneous enlargement. You will have to wait for some period of time to start enjoying the benefits. This is not the case with penis pumps. Penis pumps are important in achieving instantaneous results. Pumping stimulates a rapid increase in the size of the penis as compared to stretching. Most men don’t prefer waiting for long before seeing results because of the urgent need to enhance their bedroom performances.

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