The Difference Between Peyronie’s Disease And Penile Curvature

Penises vary in shapes from one man to another. The shape of a penis may be influenced by its curve, which can bend downwards, upwards or sideways. The curving of the penis can be as a result of penis trauma, which can be triggered by hitting or bending. There are two common types of penis bends that can affect a man. These include the Peyronie’s disease and the penile curvature. They are almost similar in meaning. Other causes of penile curvature include autoimmune disorders and heredity factors.

Peyronie’s disease refers to a medical condition that causes the bending of the penis, which can lead to painful erections. It can also be termed as a form of erectile dysfunction caused by the formation of scar tissues inside the penis. On the other hand, a penile curvature refers to a normal slight bending of the penis which is usually considered as less painful or not painful at all. A penile curvature can’t prevent sexual intercourse from taking place.

Penile curvature is common to most men with approximately twenty percent of all men believed to suffer from it. Peyronie’s disease, on the other hand, is very uncommon with an insignificant number of men experiencing it. A penis curvature may be caused by a change in the anatomy of the penis while a Peyronie's disease may be as a result of scar tissues growing inside the penis.

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Since penile curvature isn’t a serious condition, some men find it disturbing and opt for ways of straightening their penises. Some women also dislike curved penises as they find them undesirable and not attractive. Typically, a Peyronie's disease is a serious condition and can affect your sex life adversely. It can completely prevent you from indulging in sexual intercourse with your partner due to the increased pain during an erection, penetration or orgasms.

Both Peyronie's disease and penile curvature can be treated. Different ways of treating these conditions exist including surgery, oral medications, penile injections and use of traction devices. Surgery is usually costly while oral medications and penile injections are not preferred by some men with the fear of suffering from adverse effects of the medicine. These are the reasons most men resolve to the use of penis extenders. The non-invasive traction procedure is effective and safer.

A penis extender helps treat penile curvature and Peyronie's disease by stretching the penis lightly on a daily basis. The entire process of enlargement is pain-free and the device doesn’t affect the normal functioning of the penis. The penis extender subjects the penis to constant stretching that forms smaller tears on the penis shaft. The body subsequently identifies the tears as left gaps in the tissue of the penis and repairs them through mitosis and cytokinesis.

Through mitosis, the penis tissue cells undergo division and multiplication that results in the filling of the gaps created by penile traction. Through cytokinesis, the splitting of cells further continues allowing more space for tissue growth. Therefore, the curved penis is forced to straighten over time with a persistent use of penis extenders.

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