Penis Extenders – Breaking Down What You Need To Know

Using penis extenders is by far the best method of enhancing the shape and the size of the penile shaft. Growth is acquired naturally by putting on the stretcher around the penis and then the tension is applied by constant adjustment and pulling until the user gets what he desires. The growth acquired is permanent and appealing in that it does not reduce with time as in the case when pills or surgery is used.

An extender pulls the suspensory ligaments and the part of the penis that is hidden inside the body. The pulling breaks down tissues which will be quickly replaced by duplication through cell division and multiplication. Being a natural method, it guarantees safety and, therefore, there are no complications associated with the use of penis extenders. A method like surgery is said to reduce the size of the penis in some cases.

The use of extenders has been medically proven to work and has minimal side effects that can be easily dealt with. The unintended effect that is likely to be experienced is skin irritation which may result in skin scratching hence making skin rashes to appear. This is bound to occur if straps made of a rough material are used.

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Also, some materials are made of chemicals that result in allergic reactions when they get into contact with the skin thereby causing itching. Luckily, these are avoidable. It is advisable that an extender made of a softer strap be used so that irritation does not occur and the correct type of material used. In most cases, aluminum is the preferred material.

Moreover, the stretcher is a solution to patients suffering from sexual conditions such as Peyronie’s disease. This is a condition whereby the manhood curves abnormally. So, when the stretcher is used, it pulls the penis when tension is applied.

Continuous use will end up straightening the curvature resulting in a proper erection that was otherwise painful or sometimes impossible if the condition is severe. The whole process of enhancement using an extender is not painful. Only a slight pain is felt caused by pulling but it is not extreme as in the case of a surgery that requires the use of anesthetic drugs.

Medical practitioners recommend the extenders made of materials of good quality. The straps, for instance, should not pose a risk of getting a skin rash as a result of scratching. Additionally, the stretcher should be made from a non-allergic material such that it suits all men without causing harm on their penises. This is possible because the extenders are made of straps and adjustable screws and knobs that make adjustment possible to accommodate penises of all sizes.

Penis extender devices ensure that growth takes place both in the length and girth while reshaping the penis and giving it a pleasant straight shape. When a person is satisfied with the size of his penis, his confidence in bedroom grows. Self-esteem also increases and this boosts the sexual appetite. With all these factors improving, bonding increases and the partners enjoy each other’s company, especially, where bedroom issues are concerned.

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