Penis Stretchers, Pumps And Extenders – Are They All The Same Thing?

In the recent times, a variety of physical methods for enlarging the penis has emerged. These methods are backed up by many medical institutions that recommend their use to several men. So far, men can increase the sizes of their penises through the use of penis stretchers, penis pumps and penis extenders. Although these methods sound familiar, there is a distinction among them that makes each method unique from the others.

Penis stretchers are devices used to enlarge the penis through the traction process. They impact the size of the penis by exerting a gentle but steady pressure and stretch the penis to a longer shape. They resemble those devices that are usually applied in BDSM. They help your penis increase in length by inflicting a little pain through traction. Typically, the pain is not very severe but rather pleasurable for some men who prefer using the method. Also, you are able to control the pain by controlling the extent of grip by either loosening or tightening the fasteners.

Penis pumps are devices with bands attached to it used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction to achieve and sustain an erection. They help enlarge the penis instantly. A penis pump comprises of acrylic cylinders having pumps attached to the penis end. A contraction band or ring is placed on the other side of the cylinder applied to the body. Both the pump and the cylinder are used to form a vacuum that helps the penis attain an erection with the contraction band or ring maintaining an erection.

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Penis pumps can be run on batteries or operated by hand. During its use, the air is pumped out of the cylinder to create a vacuum which draws blood into the penis shaft and triggers it to swell thereby resulting in an erection. With the help of a lubricant, the retaining band is made to slide down to the bottom end of the penis. After freeing the vacuum, the pump is removed.

Most people view a penis extender as a device used to stretch the penis so as to increase its length. This is rather true. However, there are some penis extenders that don't increase the penis length but rather reshape the penis to the correct size. They are used to treat a penile curvature or Peyronie's disease. The ability to straighten the penis makes a penis extender different for a penis stretcher. A penis stretcher will pull the penis while a penis extender will shape the penis by acting on its sides through pushing towards the middle of the strap.

There is a clear distinction between penis stretchers, pumps and extenders. However, these methods share a common goal; that is, to enhance the size of the penis as a way of improving sexual performance and experience. Therefore, before selecting a method to use, you need to determine the exact goal you intend to achieve. If you desire to make your penis straight and do away with the curved shape, a penis extender is the best option for you. If you wish to improve the girth size, a penis pump will serve you well. However, if you wish to lengthen your penis, then consider using a penis stretcher.

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