Why Penis Traction Works?

In the search of the most effective method to enlarge their manhood, a majority of males have settled for the use of penis traction devices. This is because these devices are free from complications as they are very safe. As compared to pills and surgery, penis traction devices work best. Surgery, for instance, leaves scars on the penile shaft upon healing or may reduce the size of the penis. If the operation is not carried out well, one might suffer from infections. Pills, on the other hand, do not give permanent results in that the penis may go back to its original size when one ceases using the drugs.

Penis traction devices work by applying a slight stretch on the penis through pulling such that by the end of a couple of months of consistent use, enlargement will be noticed. The user is supposed to make adjustments on the screws and the knobs as days go by to achieve growth. One, therefore, chooses the much tension he would want to apply on his manhood.

The increase in length and thickness solely depends on how much tension the user applies on his manhood since growth is acquired through pulling. The use of traction devices is not painful at all so the normal functioning of the penis will not be interfered with.

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The device works by naturally lengthening the penis through applying tension on the penile shaft. The extender is placed around the penis then, the adjustable knobs and screws are set in such a way that the user feels a slight pull on the penis. The pulling scientifically leads to the breakdown of tissues due to stretching and straining. These cells are replaced quickly by cell duplication and multiplication in a process called cell division. The duplicated cells fill the stretched part thereby increasing the number of tissue cells in the penis hence a realization in the physical size increase.

Cell division occurring during stretching is just like the ordinary cell division that occurs during growth and puberty. The difference is that the cell division after birth and during puberty is a trigger by hormones in the process of growth. On the other hand, the cell division occurring as a result of tension applied on the manhood during the quest of a larger penis is a stimulus. Traction offers this stimulus during post- puberty since there are no more natural growth and the penis stretchers are the only devices available for traction. The scientific process of cell division resulting from continuous pulling explains why the traction devices work.

The use of a traction device produces amazing permanent results! The flaccid length increases permanently by about an inch with the user feeling minimal or no pain during the process of gaining growth. The proper functioning of the penis is not tampered with during the process of lengthening since the procedure is free from complications. Lastly, increase in size and shape is permanent and natural since the cells divide and multiply through mitosis. That is why the device works perfectly.

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