The Five Things First Time Penis Traction Users Should Know

Penis traction offers you a simple and safer way of increasing the size of your manhood. The traction device is now available in several stores both online and offline. However, have you ever thought of what is required of you to ensure a successful penis enlargement process? The following five things are essential to any first-time penis traction user;

The traction device results in growth pains

If you are thinking of using a penis traction device for the first time, you should know that this device can help you increase the size of your penis to a desirable level at the expense of stretching your penis. As the penis gets pulled, the penis cells are forced to divide leading to the formation of new cells that fill the spaces left. The entire process is characterized by some degree of pain. Just as it is said in body building; “no pain no gain,” so does the same applies to penis enlargement through the use of extenders.

There will be a need to talk to a partner

A good communication is a key to a healthy relationship. When partners talk, they share their opinions regarding what they are comfortable and uncomfortable with in the relationship. A penis extender device can easily be noticed by a partner even when the male partner is trying to hide. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary conflicts in your relationship, you will need to be free with your partner and explain to her why you are wearing a penis extender device.

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One may be forced to change his sexual technique

The use of penis extenders may come with some consequences which may force partners to alter the way they have sex. Most partners have their specific sex positions that they adore most. Using a penis extender may change the shape of your penis and straighten it suppose it was curved.

A curved penis usually applies well to some sex positions like the doggy style, cowgirl, missionary and the “T” position. Having a straight penis after getting used to having sex with a curved one may come with a challenge. In order to sustain the pleasure you have been used to with your partner, you will be forced to be innovative enough and alter your sexual techniques.

The increase in size will take time

What every prospective user of a penis extender device should know is that the results will take a longer duration to become noticeable. The process of cell division is usually progressive and requires a lot of patience for one to get the results he needs. Penis extender devices are scientifically proven to increase the size of the penis hence one should have confidence in them despite the results delaying.

An increase in size will occur but not too much

Most men intending to increase the sizes of their penises get it wrong by expecting too much. What one should know is that penis enlargement has limits too. Since one is not lucky to have a bigger penis because of his genes, using a penis extender will not prompt his genes to increase the size of his penis. Therefore, all the responsibility of enlargement is left to the extender. Despite the efforts by a penis extender to increase the size of the penis, it will not succeed in over-increasing it.

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