How A Penis Extender Works – The Truth Behind The Talk

Penis extenders may seem to work in a magical way by increasing the penis size after a period of stretching. This process, for the amateurs, may look astonishing. The process of penis enlargement through the use of a penis extender is simply based upon the biological concepts of mitosis and cytokinesis. It is not a miraculous happening. This device was invented by scientists who saw it wise to help those men suffering from the disorders of the penis such as the penile curvature, the Peyronie’s disease and a small penis.

A penis extender comprises of various parts that help handle the penis appropriately during the enlargement process. These main parts include the base ring, the noose, cradle, extension rods and straps. Each component plays its role to ensure a harmonious operation. The base ring holds the base of the penis in position giving room for the penis fit into the extender. The noose holds the glans of the penis in place during stretching.

The strap, on the other hand, provides support to the shaft of the penis and prevents it from slipping off. Some extenders have two straps hence known as double strap penis extenders. They are considered more efficient than the single strap penis extenders. The extension rods are used to offer room for the adjustment of the extender device.

When applied on the penis, a penis extender stretches the penile tissues forcing them to form tears as a result of inadvertent and increased tension. The tears leave gaps that are subsequently filled with the newly formed cells through the process of mitosis and cytokinesis. The process of stretch and gain is repeated frequently as the extender device continues to be fixed on the penis on a daily basis.

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A penis extender may also stimulate an increase in the size of the penis by pulling the penile ligaments forcing them to hang more on the outside. This, when repeated consistently for a longer duration, causes the ligaments to permanently hang more on the outside hence increasing the length of the penis shaft.

There are many processes associated with penis enlargement. Some of these processes are unknown to most penis extender users. The penis extender stimulates a number of biological processes to take place within the penis. One of the processes is mitosis.

This is where the penile cells are caused to divide to form newer cells. In this process, each of the existing cells divides into two cells. Mitosis usually takes place gradually as long as there are spaces to be filled with the new cells. Another process known to help in the enlargement process is cytokinesis. In this process, the cell nucleus splits to form two daughter cells. Cytokinesis takes place at the end of mitosis to result in growth.

All the process involved in penis enlargement requires enough time in order to give the best results. This is why any man thinking of using a penis extender device should be ready to wait. Remember that “Patience pays” and that the size you are looking for is truly possible to achieve.

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