Fact Or Fiction: The Science Behind Penile Traction

The news on the male enlargement methods is getting more interesting as well as very exciting. There are numerous advertisements that hit the internet each day on the methods that one can use to make the privates bigger and improve the performance as far as the increase in size is concerned. That is how enlargement and getting an improved sexual experience are connected.

Some of these advertisements are genuine. They enlarge the manhood as the medical practitioners have tested those methods and the gains confirmed to be true. However, some advertisements give unrealistic information through the emails. Such adverts are spam and give exaggerated inaccurate information hence are fictitious.

A penile traction device is a device that is used for enlargement of the penis. It is composed of a ring made of plastic and straps that position the penis. There are also two rods that can be easily adjusted by the user when the penis is in a flaccid state. The traction device is fixed on the penis so that it pulls it and the user is supposed to adjust to achieve a change in length.

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When the penis is pulled, tears that are invisible to the naked eye are formed. This tearing forces the manhood to go through the process of cell division, in turn, replacing the cells that were split during stretching. These processes of cytokinesis and mitosis result in the formation of new cells and tissues hence a notable increase in length and thickness. Enlargement is, however, achieved by using the traction device for long to get permanent results.

Penile traction devices also have been scientifically proven to correct the penis of those people suffering from Peyronie's disease. This disease results from internal bleeding causing affected tissue to leave behind a scarred tissue. The scarred tissue remains along the shaft of the penis hence a painful sensation when one gets an erection. Peyronie’s disease impacts from trauma on the manhood from bleeding of the corpus cavernosum.

When the traction device is fixed on a curved penis, it will apply tension by stretching. The resistance created will be responsible for straightening out the problem that tends to be embarrassing and worse cause pain during erection. In severe cases, the patients suffering from this disease find it impossible to engage in sexual intercourse. While restoring the curve on the penile shaft, traction devices enable the user to achieve an increase in both size and the shape.

Finally, the devices depend entirely on an individual’s perseverance and control to give the desired results. Growth is achieved when the user subjects the shaft of the penis to tension by pulling. The process of enlargement by stretching is non- surgical and, therefore, is free from complications caused by disease causing bacteria.

Bacteria attacks an open wound that is not properly taken care of causing infections. Since no cutting is done, the internal part of the penis is not exposed to these organisms and therefore, there are no or minimal chances of infections. When low quality devices are used, they could cause skin breakage hence the rare cases of being infected. Therefore, the science behind the use of traction devices is factual.

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