Traction, Suction Or Surgery – What’s The Best Method For Penis Enlargement?

Making choices is one of the difficult tasks in life. Choices come with consequences that may leave us regretting why we were blind when making a decision. Choices are not left behind when it comes to penis enlargement. There are many options of enlarging a penis. Since we can’t use all the methods at the same time, we are forced to select one among the prevailing methods.

This is where men get it right or wrong. Some of the available methods of penis enlargement include traction, suction and surgery. They are all proven to enlarge the penis. The question that arises is that; which is the best method to consider for penis enlargement? Well, before answering this question, it is important to scrutinize the roles that each method plays.

Traction method involves the pulling of the penis shaft by holding the glans of the penis. The penis stretcher is attached to the penis and fastened appropriately to apply a considerable amount of pressure on the penile shaft. This method is proven to give benefits after a longer period of use.

The increase in the length of the penis is based on the principle of cell division. The traction causes the penis cells to divide as a result of increased stress. This subsequently results in the development of new tissues that fill in the spaces left on the shaft following the stretching of the penis shaft.

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The suction method involves the generation of a partial vacuum through the removal of available air inside the penis pump in order to force an increase in blood to the penis thereby prompting an erection to occur. The suction method is proven to help increase the girth size of the penis with some methods claimed to increase the length of the penis. It is normally recommended in a case where there is a need for an instant erection.

Surgery method entails the operation of the penis, primarily, the shaft, to extend the size of the penis. Typically, penises are longer and this is evident from the extension of the shaft at the bottom towards the scrotum. This shaft extension is usually operated allowing for more space to accommodate blood during erections.

Medical surgery is one of the recommended methods of increasing the size of the penis permanently. This method is, however, risky and should only be done by professionals as it can result in serious problems such as loss of penis sensitivity or penis tissue damage.

Traction, suction and surgery are all important in their own ways. Traction is the best method of penis enlargement in a case where one is looking to mainly increase the length of his penis. Traction pulls the penis away from the shaft thereby leading to enlargement. On the other hand, suction is the best option when one is looking to increase his girth size or enhance the size of his penis then and there.

However, surgery should always be the last resort as it is more risky than the rest. The selection of the best method depends on what you intend to achieve, after what duration and the convenience.

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