Why You Must Be Patient With Penis Extenders?

Are you finding it hard to become patient enough with your penis extender? Has this lack of patience made you think you were scammed or using a fake extender device? Many men using penis extender devices expect to get results as soon as they start using them. They end up going extra miles to measure their progress on a daily basis. Is this really worth it?

Before choosing to use a penis extender, it is important to understand how the process of penis enlargement takes place. This will be of significant help to you during the entire period of enlargement as you will be able to understand the changes your penis is going through and what more to expect.

At all times, you should go for a penis extender device that is recommended by a doctor or an accomplished professional. This saves you the risk of compromising the health of your penis through the use of substandard penis extenders. The penis is one of the most sensitive body parts that you can’t afford to mishandle.

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Penis enlargement is a gradual process that entails the stretching and gaining of the penile cells. When a penis extender is attached to the penis, it exerts a tensile stress on the penile cells resulting in the formation of numerous small tears. The body detects the changes from signals conveyed by the tears and responds by stimulating the growth of new cells to fill the spaces left by the tears making the penis to increase in size.

The process of cell division happens progressively because of the time it takes for new cells to grow and subsequently divide into new ones. Also, a penis extender exerts a tensile stress on the penis ligaments causing them to hang outwards. The pulling process, when repeated for a longer period of time, causes the penis to gain a permanent increase in length.

Since penis enlargement relies more on the process of cell growth, it is impossible to force the penile cells to increase the rate of growth tremendously. Your penis cells will assume their normal rate of growth to finally meet the required size. What you should know is that the cells will eventually grow to fill the spaces left as a result of tears.

Hence it should not be a question of how fast they get you there but rather what you achieve in the long run. Also, as a penis extender device user, you should keep in mind that your increase in size is not based on the extender but on the biological operations occurring within your penis cells. Your extender device is only there to instigate the biological process.

If you can’t wait to know your progress through taking measurements, consider taking it with respect. Avoid daily taking of measurements as this may discourage you and interfere with your motivation to achieve a bigger penis. Always take your measurements after a period of about two weeks. This time is enough for cells to replicate and give noticeable results that would motivate you to work even harder.

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