Tension And Traction: Is There Any Difference?

Differentiating between tension and traction is quite challenging since both terms apply to a similar process. Both tension and traction are used to increase the size of the penis and treat the Peyronie’s disease. These terms may be used by different entities depending on how they deem them relevant. For example, most manufacturers producing penis extender devices consider using the traction terminology as compared to tension. Is there any difference between these two terms of penis enlargement?

Tension refers to the condition of tight stretching to achieve enlargement. When a penis extender device is attached to the penis, it causes a stretching effect on the penile shaft, which results in the formation of tears that leave minute gaps. The body detects the gaps and responds by generating new cells to fill them. As this process of tension continues over time, the penis develops more cells that result in an increase in size.

Traction refers to the action of pulling a limb or muscle continuously in order to correct a deformity or to sustain the location of a fractured bone. Traction applies to penis enlargement since the penis is also considered as a limb. The traction force exerts the pulling force on the penile shaft leading to the formation of tears. These tears subsequently get filled with new cells resulting in an increase in the size of the penis.

According to the semantics, the process of tension and traction sound different. However, when it comes to describing how they work, it is clear that they are more or less similar in their mechanism of operation. They both cause a stretching effect on the penile shaft, which leads to the formation of tears that are afterward filled with new cells. A penis extender is capable of adopting both processes and it can be difficult for the user to determine which process between the two is serving him.

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There is no harm in failing to distinguish between the tension process and the traction process. What matters most is whether or not you know how to ensure that the pulling or stretching of the penile shaft occurs perfectly as this is what will help you achieve penis enlargement.

However, the tension and traction processes don’t apply only to the penile shaft but also to the penis ligaments and the corpora cavernosa. The process of penis enlargement involves a number of methods. These work harmoniously to ensure that the user gets the best results he is looking for.

When purchasing a penis extender, you should consider going for the one recommended by your doctor. However, always watch out for the fake extender devices claiming to offer exceedingly promising results. Some devices may also bear almost a similar name to that of the brand you are looking for and may confuse you to think they are the types you are searching for.

In order to avoid this, always be keen on the spellings and any wrong spelling should be a disqualification. Having purchased the correct device, ensure that you follow the instructions that come with the extender device to the latter.

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