Penis Enlargement Discretion & Comfort – Top Tips & Tricks

Knowing how to use a penis extender device can help you maximize its benefits. Some of the known benefits men enjoy from using these devices include comfort and discretion. Comfort refers to freedom from constraint or pain while discretion refers to the freedom to make a decision on what should be considered in a certain situation.

For a perfect discreet timing of a penis extender device, you may consider using the extender device while relaxing at home in the evenings after work, during your extended lunch break when you are at home alone and when you are sleeping overnight or just having a nap. An extended lunch break may offer you enough time to use the extender device as a way of maintaining the enlargement program for the sake of gradual penile growth. Watching TV gets you entertained helping you to remain active as you fulfill your daily enlargement program requirements.

Using a penis extender device when sleeping can also work well for you as it will help save your time. However, some men have issues with the sleeping postures. They are unable to assume a back position posture hence sleep on their sides or stomachs. The main issue with sleeping on your side or stomach is that you are more likely to roll over and lie on top of the extender device. When this happens, you may subject your penis to harm which may adversely affect your penile growth. If you are unable to control the problem of rolling over onto your stomach, you may consider placing two bigger pillows on your both sides to help you limit your movement.

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Comfort is important for the success of using a penis extender. When looking to get more comfortable at home using a penis extender, you should consider wearing loose-fitting underwear. Since you are alone at home, you will find it easy and comfortable to have the extender device covered with your loose clothing. You can sit in your underwear as you allow the extender device enough time to work on your penis without worrying about interference from other people.

When using your extender device, avoid sleeping completely naked. At least you need to give the extender device some support. Loose, comfy boxer shorts or a fabric of pajamas could help keep your penis in place while sleeping.

You may need to clean up yourself when using a penis extender device. The best practice is to detach the extender device from you first before bathing. This is because it can be difficult to handle the device on you while bathing. First, you are likely to splash water on it, which may destroy the device or reduce its lifespan. Secondly, you might injure your penis as you try to clean the areas joining the region covered with the extender device.

Since penis enlargement is a slow and gradual process, you should not overuse your penis extender device. Don’t attach it for more hours than recommended by your medical practitioner as this could result in discomfort. Forcing the results to show quickly will only harm your penis. The new cells need to be formed and grow, hence moderation and patience should, at all cost, be practiced.

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