Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Penis Extender

Are you well-versed with your penis extender? Many men are only aware of the common fact that a penis extender device can be used to increase the length of the penis and that is the only reason why they use the device. Actually, there are a number of things a penis extender can help you achieve apart from an increased penis length. The following are the five things you may not be aware of about your penis extender;

There is a science behind its working

You should know that the extender device you are using has a way of ensuring that your penis increases in size. The extender works through a scientific process known as traction. For the penis, this process is referred to as penile traction. It is whereby the penis is subjected to a steady and consistent pulling resulting in the formation of tears on the penile shaft. These tears are then detected by the body and more cells are prompted to grow to fill the gaps created.

The extender requires consistent wearing

For a penis extender to give you noticeable results, you have to put it on every day. However, this may change during the period of tissue recovery and the growth of new cells after the formation of tears. The process of traction requires a lot of time to help you enlarge your penis. This is because cell division and growth happens progressively over time. So, you will have to be patient enough to put on the extender device frequently while allowing room for occasional breaks.

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Penis extender offers comfort

If you have been thinking of adopting the use of a penis extender device but afraid because of the worry of suffering from discomfort, be sure to try a medically recommended extender device. These devices are designed to give sufficient comfort to the user and help him apply them for the maximum duration required.

Some penis extenders are designed with a double strap. This improves comfort and makes it difficult for the penis to slip out of the device during traction. On the other hand, some extenders feature a padding that offers the penis adequate comfort. Therefore, there is no need to worry about discomfort as long as you are using a high-quality device.

Can increase your girth too

Despite being popular as a method of increasing the length of the penis, a penis extender device can also increase the girth. The process of traction works on the entire penis and during recovery, new cells may grow both vertically and laterally. As the cells become bigger, their thickness also increases causing the girth to enlarge too.

Can treat the Peyronie’s disease

One of the benefits of using a penis extender device is the ability to correct the extreme bending of the penis, also known as the Peyronie’s disease. The Peyronie’s disease is a disorder that can adversely affect your sex life making it even hard to indulge in sexual activities. Your self-esteem may also reduce significantly.

Through the use of an extender device, one is able to correct this extreme curving through the traction process. As the extender device pulls the penile shaft, it forces it to assume a straight position, which after frequent and consistent pulling, results in the growth of the cells to fill the spaces made through stress. New cells finally grow to completely fill the spaces on the curved side thereby resulting in a straight penis.

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