How Important Is FDA Approval For A Penis Extender?

Food and drug administration is responsible for approving the products before they are used. Before a product is sold, it undergoes approval by the FDA for its fitness to be determined; for instance, from the products used at home to the sophisticated treatments used on cancer patients. However, the herbal supplements meant for male enhancement are not approved by the FDA. In this case, the user has to research on the appropriate methods that can treat his condition.

Male enhancement methods are considered self-care services that are more of cosmetic than treatment; therefore are not approved by the food and drug administration. According to FDA, enlarging one’s manhood resembles weight loss exercises hence there has not been an approval because there is no treatment that is being undertaken. The exercise is majorly cosmetic—that is gaining additional inches is a secondary acquisition. It would have been approved were it a primary want.

A penis extender is sometimes used for the cure of penile fibrosis, a condition that causes an embarrassing curvature on the shaft of the penis. This disorder is commonly referred to as the Peyronie’s disease. One of the major treatments for this condition is through using the traction force acquired from a penis stretcher. The device is fixed on the bent manhood then more force is applied on the curved side consistently resulting in straightening. When the extender is used in this manner, it is said to be used for medicinal purposes.

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To make an extender device more known to people, manufacturers producing it usually seek approval from the food and drug administration. For a product to be approved by the FDA it has to meet conditions such as the outward appearances and packaging of the product as well as guaranteeing the safety of the product on the user. Acquiring approval is a long process and, therefore, some companies manufacturing the extenders give up while others pursue it since it is beneficial to them and the marketing of their products.

The FDA approval is very important since it ensures that products are processed and packaged well-fit for human use. The users are; therefore, protected against bogus products which might be very expensive yet deliver sub-standard results. The approval should not lock out good products that lack the seal like the male enhancement methods as penis extenders. Despite lacking the FDA seal, the penis extenders have been scientifically and clinically tested and proven to increase the length and the girth of the penis.

Even without the food and drug administration approval, the penis extenders perform a great job of rectifying the curvature in the occurrence of penile fibrosis. Since there is no approval given to penis extenders, studies and tests have been privately conducted to prove the efficiency of extenders.

FDA approval is very important in giving a reassurance on the quality and safety of a product. Just because stretchers lack the approval does not mean that they are harmful to the user or they are a flop when used. It is only that the FDA approval considers them as a cosmetic treatment, otherwise, the use of penis extenders is a success thus FDA approval is not considered important in their case.

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