Five Tips To Help Make Your Penis Extender More Effective

A penis extender is a great male enhancement device that delivers excellent results when used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. One is sure to achieve an increase in shape and size when he uses the device consistently for about three months, an average of five hours in a day. Putting money for this course is worthwhile because if a good quality extender is used, the delivery of desired results will definitely be achieved. In addition to a good quality stretcher, there are other tips and tricks that ensure the efficacy of this device as discussed below:

Reading and following instructions for use

There are instructions that accompany the device on how it is used. The instructions are on how the stretcher is fixed, how the adjustment is made and what to do in case it injures one’s manhood among others. These instructions need to be kept while the device is still being used. Reading and following the instructions governing the usage of the penis extenders assists in making the device work as expected and give targeted results.

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Watching clips on how the extender is used

Apart from reading the instructions on how the device is used, one can supplement reading by watching clips on the websites such as YouTube on how the device is worn and how it is adjusted to prevent causing injuries. The videos are uploaded by males who have successfully used the extenders and feel they need to help others in their enlargement journey. Watching is the most efficient way of sticking instructions. It is said that seeing is believing, right?

Adhering to the directions given

After reading or watching the instructions, one needs to understand then internalize them so as to gain enlargement at the end of the session. It is recommended that one massages his manhood before putting on the device so as to make the penile tissues flexible and easy to stretch. Massaging the penis is also done after removing the penis extender to relieve the member of any slight pain connected to pulling. These directions given before and after increase the workability of the device since the penile shaft will be free from pain the next time wearing will be done.

Keeping records on changes acquired

Gaining a few inches using the stretcher is a slow process whose result is not noticed fast by an individual. One is, therefore, advised to track the records of his growth process after measuring. One can put down the measurements on a piece of paper or even the computer spreadsheet to track the increase gained.

Patience is a virtue when the extender is in use

Penis enlargement using a penis extender is a long-term procedure that requires patience from the user. The good quality extenders are no exception as far as the time they take to give results is concerned. The extenders are worn for about five hours in a day for about three months. The procedure should be consistent and, therefore, be skipping some days will definitely elongate the time for gaining increase. During the process, one needs psychological support from his partner and maybe from other men who have gone through the procedure.

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