How To Properly Clean Your Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a very important device for any man desiring to enhance his bedroom performance and experience. From increasing the size of the penis to correcting the penile disorders, a penis extender device is considered one of the safest male enhancement methods any man can consider using.

However, using a penis extender device comes with a number of responsibilities such as cleaning and proper handling. These are geared towards maximizing the results expected from its use. The cleanliness of an extender device can help reduce the chances of bacterial and fungal infections and enhance comfort. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to clean your penis extender device properly.

Cleanliness in the handling of a penis extender device should commence during the day to day process of detaching and storing the penis extender. The penis extender device user should ensure that the storage environment is exceptionally clean. Before removing the penis extender, the user should ensure that the surface he intends to place his penis extender device is clean. If it is dirty or the user isn’t sure about the cleanliness of the surface, he should clean the surface using alcohol, soap and water.

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When handling the extender device during the process or detaching, the user should also clean his hands properly prior to touching the penis extender device. This is to reduce the chances of dirtying the penis extender.

Once the surface where the device is to be placed has been cleaned and the device detached from the penis, the penis extender is to be cleaned properly to remove dirt and sweat that may have accumulated during its usage.

The cleaning solution recommended for the cleaning of a penis extender device includes; 1 cup of water, ¼ ounce liquid hand soap and ¼ ounce of alcohol. A clean toothbrush or cloth should be considered as the cleaning product. The product is dipped into the solution carefully to avoid soaking that might result in drips.

When the cleaning product already contains enough solution, the cleaning brush is used to gently scrub the device thoroughly. Among the parts of the penis extender device to be scratched include the comfort pads, silicone tubes, aluminum rods, plastic base and the glan support. Having cleaned these parts, the penis extender is left to dry for about 5 minutes after which the process is then repeated using a clean cloth dipped in water. The device is then stored in a cool, dry place awaiting its next use.

When cleaned properly, the penis extender is likely to give the best results and is likely to last longer. Everyone wants something that is durable. Therefore, to save yourself the hassle of having to purchase an extender device frequently, you have to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. This investment isn’t costly as compared to a case of having to purchase a new penis extender device. Also, by maintaining the cleanliness of your device, you are reducing the chances of compromising hygiene and the health of your penis.

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