Differences In Penis Extender Devices

The use of a penis extender device to increase the size of the penis is seen as one of the safest and effective ways of penis enlargement. Penis extender devices use the same principle of penile traction to help men enlarge their penises. Despite all types of penis extender devices playing a similar role, they tend to vary in the type of material used, type of attachment, endorsement, extras and guarantees. Each brand of penis extender device is unique in its own way in its efforts to dominate other brands. The differences in penis extender devices are explained below;

Type of material used

Penis extender devices may vary in the type of material used depending on the preference of a manufacturer. Some manufacturers highly value customer experience and would do anything to ensure their products are made of high-quality materials. Medical grade materials are usually recommended for the manufacture of penis extender devices because they are tested and proven to be safe for use and wouldn’t cause any harm to the user. Some manufacturers use cheap substandard materials in order to maximize profits without caring about the possible side effects. Poor-quality materials are known to cause discomfort and inflammation.

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For every product to convince a customer that it has the ability to meet their needs, it has to come with a guarantee. A guarantee acts as a customer’s security. It is the refund offered for the dissatisfaction of failure of a product to work. Penis extenders differ in guarantees. The duration of a guarantee may vary from one brand to another. It is usually offered for months or years depending on the terms of service of a company. When buying a penis extender, you should always opt for a guarantee that favors you most. You should avoid purchasing penis extenders from companies that don’t offer any guarantee at all.


Endorsement helps give customers the confidence of using a particular brand of penis extender device. This is because the endorsed products are in most cases tested for effectiveness and safety. However, not all penis extenders boast endorsement by medical professionals. Some manufacturers don’t usually consider the need to subject their brands for medical testing hence they produce penis extenders that lack endorsement. You should always watch out for such products as they can harm your penis or not give you the results you are looking for at all.


Another thing that differentiates penis extenders is the extras. These are the additional items a penis extender device comes with. Examples include; spare springs, extra comfort pads, male enhancement pills, sexual guidance DVD’s and different length-tension bars. These are not must have components in order for a penis extender device to function. They are just meant to boost the experience of the user and make the extender device pleasant to use. Extras may come with additional costs. Whenever you see an opportunity for these, regardless of the cost, it is recommended to opt for them as they will help you achieve optimum results faster.

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