How To Properly Use Penis Extenders

Penis extenders enjoy a wide acceptance by numerous scientists, medical practitioners and men. This is based on the significant role these devices play in the lives of men. They can change a man’s deteriorating sex life to an exciting one.

Also, for men suffering from low self-esteem as a result of a smaller penis or an extremely bent penis, these devices can help them regain their confidence and improve their self-esteem. Therefore, it is essential for any man desiring to enlarge his penis or correct his penile disorders to use the extender device properly to ensure that he gets the best results.

Proper usage of a penis extender device should be applied at any given step of daily penile enlargement program. This should be ensured when attaching the penis extender, when stretching the penis and when detaching the extender device from the penis. Before commencing the use of a penis extender device, examine the anatomy of your frenulum.

This will help you know how to handle your frenulum properly to protect it from any injury since it is one of the sensitive parts of the penis. You can use a cloth or gauze to cover it. The covering is meant to protect it from rubbing the hard surface of your penis extender, which can result in pain and discomfort.

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When applying the penis extender, ensure that one of the extender straps is attached to the extender’s cradle. This is meant to keep the strap in place as the extender is attached to the penis. The penis is then grabbed from below the glans and pulled towards the cradle of the penis extender with the non-dominant (opposite) hand. The strap is then slid up and above the penis at the back of the glans where there is enough comfort.

While maintaining the penis in place by the other hand, place the strap through the opening on the side of the cradle and ensure it is tightly secured. After that, use the dominant hand to protect the other side of the strap.

The process of attaching the penis extender to the penis is completed by re-tightening the strap two to three more times on both sides to enhance the tightness in order to protect the glans from slipping out from the strap. This should be done carefully keeping in mind to offer a reasonable tightness to avoid a case where the skin of the shaft is pulled through the strap opening.

After successfully attaching the penis extender to the penis, it is now time to manage the duration of stretching. You can choose to stay in a position you are most comfortable with. For example, you can sit or lie down depending on the position that suits you best. Also, you can keep yourself busy by watching a movie. This is to help you get settled and avoid unnecessary movements that might loosen the grip of the strap.

Furthermore, always pay attention to any pain that may arise from the stretching. There shouldn’t be any pain at all when using your penis extender device. Having followed the instructions and guidelines correctly, you can be sure to get the exact results you have been looking for.

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