Five Amazing Penis Facts

A lot of claims revolve around the penis since it is one of the most popular and important organs of the body. The penis is very important in human reproduction and sexual intimacy. However, many men know very little about a penis. A majority of them are only interested in its use after which they don’t care to know more about it. Acquainting yourself with penis facts can help you keep off any kind of false information intended to confuse and scam you. The following are five penis facts you need to know;

The penis can be enlarged through traction

The traction technique has proven to be viable in the enlargement of the penis. This process entails the pulling of the penile shaft through the use of an extender device. The device is attached to the penis and given enough time to pull the shaft.

This process is repeated on a daily basis until a period of about three to six months when significant growth would have taken place. The traction process works by creating tears through increased tensional stress. These tears subsequently prompt the body to respond by stimulating the growth of new cells to fill the gaps.

Penis can be either a grower or a shower

Penises can be classified into two different types. There are those that expand and lengthen more when erect while there are those that don’t erect that much. Growers are those that increase in size significantly when erect and they normally appear tiny while flaccid. On the other hand, showers are those that appear bigger all the time but can’t expand much when one is erect. A man can easily know if his penis is a grower or a shower by just making observations when he is erect.

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A man’s penis can shrink

It is possible for a man’s penis to shrink. This can happen during low temperatures or in a case where a man has not achieved erections for a longer period of time. During low temperatures, the body responds by supplying blood to the most important body parts making it hard for the penis to receive enough blood.

This may cause a temporary penis shrinkage which can go away during moderate or high temperatures. Erections help draw blood to the penile chambers which help in keeping the penile tissues active. When you don’t achieve erections for a longer duration, your tissues are unlikely to receive enough blood and become dormant. This can result in penis shrinkage.

Penis sensitivity decreases as a man ages

Aging is one of the major factors affecting sexual performance and experience in men. You can’t enjoy sex when you have an insensitive penis. As a man grows older, the production of sex hormones such as testosterone hormone reduces.

This sex hormone is usually responsible for the development of the male reproductive system among other secondary sexual characteristics. A low testosterone hormone level can reduce the sensitivity of your penis, which may prevent you from having pleasurable sex.

The size of the penis matters

The size of the penis plays a greater role when it comes to vaginal stimulation. A bigger penis is capable of bringing an exciting and pleasurable sexual experience. Women admit that bigger penises give them a pleasurable experience as a result of the stretching effect and increased rubbing.

This is why most men are obsessed to increase the sizes of their penises. They want to give their female partners the best sexual experience. Also, a bigger penis makes a man feel more confident with himself as compared to a smaller penis.

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