Why Is The Size Of My Penis Below Average?

The size of a penis differs from one man to another. Some men are lucky to possess bigger penises while others are unlucky to have smaller penises. Also, there is a category of men with average-sized penises. The average penis size is normally considered to range between five and six inches.

A size lower than this range is considered small or below average while a size higher than this range is considered large. You may be among the unlucky men possessing a penis considered as below average. The following may be some of the reasons as to why your penis is below average;


Genetics play a significant role in our lives, especially in the inheritance of gene characteristics. There are genes for tallness, shortness and slimness among others. This is the same case for the penis size. Typically, men inherit the sizes of their penis from their parents. This manifests following the period of conception.

After birth, the penis begins to grow gradually. It is during puberty that the size of the penis grows fully to reach its threshold set by parents’ genes. For example, if you have a threshold of six inches, your penis will most likely grow up to that size after which further growth may stop taking place. Therefore, your penis may be below average because of the gene inheritance from your parents, which is not your fault.


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Aging comes with several challenges. Your body may begin to experience a buildup of fatty deposits in the arteries that may decrease the flow of blood to your penis. This can result in the withering of your muscle cells within the spongy tubes of the erectile tissue inside your penis that may cause your testicles and the penis to become slightly smaller.

Also, scarring from periodic small injuries during sporting activities and sex can result in the building up of scar tissue. This build-up normally occurs in the formally elastic and supple sheath which surrounds penile spongy erectile tissues.

Peyronie’s disease

Some men develop a fibrous scar tissue inside their penises. This condition is referred to as the Peyronie’s disease. Men who suffer from this condition usually have an extremely curved penis that makes it difficult and painful to engage in sexual intercourse. The extreme bending of the penis as a result of the Peyronie’s disease can result in a reduction in the size of the penis, primarily the length. If you are wondering why your penis size is below average, this might be another possible reason.

Effects of prostate surgery

Another reason why the size of your penis may be below average is the effect of prostate surgery. You may have undergone radical prostatectomy, which is the removal of a cancerous prostate gland. Following this surgical procedure, it is said that the muscle may contract abnormally in your groin thereby pulling your penis more into your body.

Furthermore, a difficulty in attaining erections following radial prostatectomy deprives the erectile tissue of oxygen. This subsequently results in the shrinking of the muscle cells within the spongy erectile tissue.

Despite having a penis that is below average, there are still many options to enjoy sexual intercourse with your partner. You can consider the sex positions that work for a smaller penis. Also, you can focus on oral sex as well as clitoral stimulation.

In the event you need to increase the size of your micropenis, you can opt for the penis enlargement methods and consider one that works perfectly for you. A penis extender device and a penis pump are some of the best enlargement devices you can use.

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