Failing To Grow When Using A Penis Extender

Badly affected self-confidence and self-esteem are one of the significant side effects of having a smaller penis. It is known that most men use the size of their penis to measure their masculinity. Therefore, men with smaller penises are likely to suffer from feelings of inadequacy. Having a small penis is not an abnormality.

The penis may just fail to grow because of the amount of testosterone hormone in the body. If the levels of the hormone are not sufficient, men develop a smaller penis. With the thought that a smaller penis may not satisfy a woman, many men resolve to the search for methods to enlarge their penis size. The use of a penis extender is one of the options men consider; but do penis extenders work?

The answer to the above question may differ. Many men could be experiencing difficulties in gaining size by use of pain extenders. This could be true despite the fact that many men do not talk about their problems. If you are having issues and you are failing to grow despite using a penis extender, then you have to look back at your habits and other factors that could hinder the growth of your penis before you complain about penis extenders. There could be something more that you are missing while using these extenders.

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The amount of time that you have been using your penis extenders may be the reason why you are failing to get the enlargement results you are looking for. You may be skipping your stretching sessions or not stretching your penis for a period long enough. Also, you may not have been consistent with your stretching sessions.

Penis extenders work by tricking your body to a natural addition of length to your penis; it is thus a very safe and effective method of increasing the size of your penis. So just like any other kind thing, you may think that you are failing to grow your penis but this is not the case. Penis stretching requires more time and consistency for results to start showing. Therefore, you will have to be patient enough with your extender device.

You may also fail to grow when using your penis extender because of the type of schedule you are following. Typically, the best way to increase the chances of achieving the best results in by identifying a schedule that suits you best and make sure you do follow it. Despite the fact that you could be using the one that requires using the device mostly, you have to ensure that you do not skip any session at any given time. For you to avoid failure in using penis extenders, you have to dedicate yourself to gaining length.

Proper planning and organization can help you achieve the gains you are looking for. You can organize yourself adequately and take many tests to examine whether or not you are on the right track. You can set a reasonable duration in which you will be taking your measurements. The measurements should focus on both the penis length and girth. Setting a specific time to conduct your measurements will save you the worry of taking frequent measurements.

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