How Small Is Too Small?

The size of the penis is a primary element of a man’s self-image. It can either improve a man’s self-esteem or lower it significantly. Almost all men wish they had big penises. This is because of the pride that comes with a big penis –one is viewed to be excellent in bed.

Many doctors have revealed that they receive a significant number of clients on a daily basis either feeling worried about the sizes of their penis or looking for ways of enlarging it. Surprisingly, those men who are usually obsessed with the sizes of their penises tend to possess a normal-sized penis. The question that arises from this craze regarding the size of the penis is “how small is too small?”

A small penis is also known as a micropenis. According to several studies, most women do not prefer men with micropenises. They defend this through a claim that a micropenis doesn’t have the ability to sexually satisfy them properly. Candidly, a micropenis has a smaller surface area making it difficult for it to stimulate numerous vaginal nerve endings. This makes it very difficult for a woman to reach orgasms when having penetrative sex with a man possessing a micropenis.

Several studies have been conducted on men to determine the size that can be considered too small. Some studies state that a penis is considered too small when it falls within the range of 1.2 to 2.8 inches when erect. Other studies state that the penis is too small when its size falls below 3 inches when erect.

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There are also studies stating that a penis is too small when it falls below 3.6 inches. Each and every study seems to have its own view of how small is too small. However, the most common and considerate way of stating this size is by quoting any size that falls below 3.6 inches.

In most cases, a small penis in men is as a result of parental inheritance from the genes. These men acquire these smaller sizes at birth hence they are not to blame for the misfortune. Also, the penis may fail to grow accordingly at the onset of puberty due to low testosterone hormone and human growth hormone levels.

Ordinarily, testosterone hormone and human growth hormone play a significant role in the growth and development of the penis hence an inadequacy in these hormones may interfere with the growth of the penis.

A man possessing a micropenis may have difficulties in impregnating a woman. This is because it is extremely difficult for a micropenis to reach the cervix or near it. For fertilization to take place, the sperm must be able to reach the egg while still alive. A penis that is unable to near the cervix may not guarantee a woman any pregnancy since there are various inhibiting factors that may hinder the fusion of the male and female gametes.

Possessing a micropenis should not prevent you from enjoying your sex life. You can still enjoy sex and make your partner attain multiple orgasms. You can do this by trying various sex positions for a small penis. Also, you can focus more on clitoral and g-spot stimulation. In the event you are very worried about your penis size and would love to enlarge it, you can adopt the use of a penis extender device.

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