The Importance Of Penis Size Depends On The Relationship

For so many years, the debate on what women want when it comes to penis size has continued to be a hard nut to crack. Men want to know what to do to have the woman of their dream. Currently, most men are busy looking for penis enlargement devices and other related products to up their game in bed. Is this really what women want? Do women want a larger penis?

Bigger is better is not a good advice. Having a small penis is not a crime warranted to break a long-term relationship. A thick and long penis should be considered when having casual sex – with an old time “friend with benefit”.

So if you’ve been working terribly hard checking the penis enlargement reviews and having sleepless nights on how to satisfy your woman by increasing a few inches then you are partially right. The naked truth is that like so many other things in life, it’s of importance at times and to some people but not all.

For men, you do not have to go through so much torture trying to enlarge your penis without the knowledge of what your woman wants. If it’s not something you personally want then you shouldn’t go through that. How sure are you that it will work in the end? What a man should really arm himself with is confidence – confidence that you are going to win in the sex game.

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Do not spend so much time worrying about the outcome. Instead, be bold enough and show up for the great task, the average penis size when erect is 5.4 inches. This is a size that has given satisfaction to most women.

It’s not a secret that men can fixate on the size of their penises and bring themselves a condition commonly referred to as anxiety disorder. If a penis can deliver a sperm into the vagina, the rest can be taken care of. Most women do not worry about the size of the penis. It is how a man uses it on her.

All this doesn’t mean that size doesn’t matter. It absolutely matters not only to women but also to men. Most men have average penises. However, these men still feel ashamed of their sizes when it comes to dropping their pants to show how endowed they are.

The introduction of penis enlargement devices such as a penis extender device has made it exceptionally possible for these kinds of men to adjust the sizes of their penises considerably hence they don’t have to hurt their self-esteem.

Men who want to go an extra mile in a bid to attract the woman of their dreams should consider using a penis extender. So many women are out there looking for casual sex and wouldn’t mind giving a well-endowed man an opportunity to pleasure them.

It is not a must to have a bigger penis in order for a relationship to work. Every female partner in a relationship has their own preferred penis size. It is, therefore, important to talk to your sexual partner to know what exactly they adore before making a move to enlarge your penis.

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