Curved Penis? You Might Not Want To Correct It

Well, a majority of males have penises which have slight curvatures. A slight curvature is a little bend that is usually ignored and is considered normal. One who has such a slight curvature does not need to raise the alarm about it as it is considered a normal look on the structure of the penis. However, in other instances, the curvature is very visible causing worries to a man and his ability to perform and make his significant other satisfied.

According to research, such pronounced curvatures have turned out to be the Peyronie's disease. This is a condition whereby the fibrous scar tissues form inside the dick causing bumps, a visible bend and sometimes changing the shape of the penis. A person suffering from Peyronie's disease might be embarrassed because the scar tissues harden and then pulls one side of the penis causing a decrease in size on that part hence curving it.

This condition is also known as penile fibrosis. In chronic cases of curving, one could feel pain when he gets an erection, and in other instances, it becomes difficult to erect fully. This renders penetration a difficult task to carry out and sometimes having an intercourse is even impossible hence affecting the sexual life of couples. Penile fibrosis results from inheritance among family members, a connective tissue disorder, aging, scarring due to trauma and side effects of drugs.

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The surest way of correcting such a disorder is by use of a traction device, specifically a penis stretcher. A stretcher is used as an enhancement method which pulls the penis slightly resulting in an increased size in length after some time. The same pulling can be applied to a curved penis to correct it. The stretcher is fixed on the dick then more traction is put on the bent side on a daily basis.

Consistent pulling will straighten the curvature hence treating the disorder. Therefore, too much discomfort leads one to use a penis stretcher otherwise known as a penis extender to make sexual intercourse and general performance achievable.

There are instances when a curvature of one’s manhood is not problematic thereby leaving one wondering if rectifying it is necessary. The kind that does not affect the sexual life of partners since it does not prevent an erection from taking place. There is an argument, however, that a curved penis could stimulate a woman’s G-spot during the act faster than a straight one that is if the curvature allows penetration and intercourse to occur.

A question was asked by a man about his curved penis and if it would render intercourse impossible and also if rectifying it was a factor to consider. He said that his manhood began at about 45 degrees at the base; an inch from the base is a curve that gave an extra 25-30 degrees. People gave answers to this that it was a gateway to amazing sex because it could stimulate the partner and even suggestions on the doggy style as the best position for this curse-cum-blessing. So, in case one’s curvature does not pose any pain, one is advised to leave it as is to feel an improved performance. It is a blessing in disguise, right?

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