How Much Growth Can You Expect To Gain From Using A Penis Extender?

A penis extender is one of the effective methods of penile enlargement scientifically and medically proven to help men grow their penises. This device works amazingly by applying the process of penile traction that stimulates the process of cell division and replication.

When the shaft of the penis is subjected to tensional forces, it forms tears. These are voids left as a result of increased exertion of the traction force that forces the penile cells to divide. The tears subsequently alarm the body of the spaces left thereby stimulating the growth of new cells to fill the spaces. This is how a man using a penis extender device gets his penis to grow.

Many men have admitted seeing huge success with the use of penis extender devices. They have managed to enlarge their penises to the sizes that are more desirable. They have seen a significant improvement in their sex lives. Also, their self-confidence and self-esteem have improved.

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Normally, men who have smaller penises feel insecure and embarrassed. This can prevent them from interacting indulging in sexual activities or in activities that might prompt them to strip in public. After a consistent use of the penis extender, a number of men have managed to get their social and sex lives back on track.

Some penis extenders offer more gains than others. This depends on how the devices are manufactured and designed as well as their components. Some will give you gains of 10 to 15% while others will give you gains of up to 70%.

With some penis extenders, you can expect to enlarge your penis up to 7 inches, others up to 13 inches while others up to 16 inches. These gains come in form of package programs offered by the various penis extenders manufactured by the different companies. These packages offered by manufacturers may include routines, well-explained instructions, spare parts, programs and accessories that help to ensure a correct and safe use of the extender devices.

Typically, penis enlargement gains vary from one individual to another. This is because the human body responds differently to treatment from one person to another. Therefore, some men may experience a tremendous gain while for other men, the gain may not be quite significant. Nevertheless, more gains are likely to be experienced when the penis extender is used consistently over a longer duration of time.

In order to increase the duration of wearing a penis extender device, manufacturers have come up with the double strap support system. This technology involves the use of two straps for supporting the penis shaft during the stretching process. It helps prevent the penis from slipping out of the extender device and enhances comfort.

A penis extender integrated with a double strap support system can be worn thrice longer than the other penis extenders. This maximizes the enlargement results, which results in more gains than the ordinary penis extenders. The double strap penis extenders are also made of durable and hypoallergic plastics, feather-weight aluminum, medical grade silicon tubes and foam pads to make sure that the user enjoys maximum comfort all through the day.

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