Picking Up Women For Dummies

Picking up women is not as difficult as you might think - and most men think it is pretty rough. You need to always keep in mind two things - (i) women love to be wood and (ii) all women want to feel attractive.

Now, you will ask what that has to do with you. Plenty - in fact this what would answer to your question on how to pick up women.

Woo Them Romantically - Go All The Way

Let us say you like this lovely lady you have met at a common party or at college or office and you are dying to know her better. You need to apply one or both of the above laws:

Woo her - send her a bouquet of flowers with a request for a date at a close by coffee shop at 4 pm. Do not go for dinner dates until you her better.

Make her feel wanted, loved, cherished. Send her long stemmed roses, chocolates, excellent bottles of wine, soft toys and so on. Do so without any pressure on her.

This will take a while, but sooner than later you would find this girl taking interest in you and wanting to know you better. And when you would ask her out, she will be more than ready.

Make her feel attractive - complement her on what she is wearing, what she is doing and how she is looking. Ensure you do not say, 'You look like a sex bomb in that dress' - rather 'You look mind-blowing in that dress'.

The point is you should not make her feel like a sex object through your admiration, but a beautiful woman - an attractive and beautiful woman.

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Score big with appreciation - you want to know what women really love about men? Is their appreciation for their capability, intelligence and expertise.

Look for ways that would give you the opportunity to complement her on her brains more than her beauty. You will definitely score big with her - women love men who look beyond the big breasts and long legs.

They feel that these types of men are a good husband material because they look beyond the superficiality of their face and body.

Show her perseverance - women love to be pursued, courted. They love to have suitors. So, go all the way, Show her that you are interested in her and that you care about her.

Be warned here that there is a very fine line between being a suitor and a pest or a pervert. Be subtle and learn to read the signs correctly - on whether she find you an annoying pest, or she feels she might like to know you better.

Show her your full potential - though women love powerful and rich people and their idea of attractive is "tall, dark and handsome" - they love to know a man who is looking forward to achieve his full potential.

It really does not matter if you are waiting on tables right now, if you can show your thirst for a better tomorrow by pursuing that dream full steam.

In fact, women are more attracted to struggling ambitious men that the already established ones - because inherently women are partial to the underdog and they want to be the ones who help you achieve your ultimate goal - success.

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