How To Do Criminal Record Check On You Dating Partner

There are a variety of reasons for conducting an online investigation of someone, or doing a background check. It can range from simple curiosity to a serious criminal background check. It is very common now investigating the dating partner's past or their current activities, if you suspect he or she might be cheating.

Need for back ground check of dating partner?

Cheating can happen to anyone at anytime. The most common one is to discover the dating partner is married, or living with someone else. In the online dating this is becoming increasingly common because it is not too hard for someone to disguise their real purposes when they sign up since there are no checks at all. This is why you need to make a criminal background check of your dating partner.

Public records:

Court records are the main source for the criminal record checks. It contains information about pretty much any type of legal action. If you want to check the criminal history of your dating partner, you can try searching for their name in the appropriate records databases of court, in the federal penitentiary database of inmates and in the national sex offender registry.

On the other hand you need to find your dating partner's financial history, you just need to conduct a search for civil lawsuits. This is because collections agencies like credit card companies will file a suit against debtors if they have an issue of contractual breaches or nonpayment.

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Public records sources are very valuable. However, they are very difficult to find. They are also so overworked and overwhelmed that they do not have the time, or the capacity to go through all this information.

Online criminal record checking:

Conducting a complete online criminal background on dating partner is very possible. With the introduction of public records on the internet, it is becoming much easier to succeed in finding the information you need.

You can get all the information by a just touch of a button on a criminal record check website. These searches are very safe and no one will ever find out you have checked up on them. The information on these sites is the same information used by law enforcement, so you can be sure it is accurate and up-to-date and there is no doubt about the person you are checking on.

All you have to do is enter your dating partner's name in a box on your screen and the results will come back in minutes. You will be able to get everything about him such as, sex offences, marriage records, tax evasion and even if they have warrants out on them. You will soon know if they are married or not.

Google is a better search engine for this purpose too. Through this site you can try searching for some information you have about the person to see if anything more important comes up, such as, a residential address an email address, a social security number, phone number, a driver's license number, and a vehicle ID number, or VIN.

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