The Laws Of Relationships

Relationships can be very difficult and they require TLC (tender loving care). Many people just try to wing it and often find that they are breaking the common laws of relationships.

There are just some things that should go without saying where relationships are concerned. Below is a list of the unspoken laws of relationships.

You don't own me- Just because you are in a relationship doesn't give you ownership right to the other person. Under no circumstances should you try to make the decisions for the other person. This means that you don't go and make big plans without first consulting the other.

Everyone has the right to be independent and you should not try to take that away from someone. Be sure to check with your partner prior to accepting such things as party invites.

The Past is the Past- Once you have made it official that the two of you are an item neither of you can bring up what the other did prior to your relationship with each other.

While it is ok to find out about the others past it is not ok to use that against them for things that they are doing in your relationship with him or her. Remember that what you did in the past is best left in the past and should hold no bearing on the present relationship.

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No Cheating- Once you are in a relationship is should go without saying that you are committed to that one person. You are not dating anymore therefore it is not acceptable to see other people. This goes for both parties in the relationship.

Trust is one of the biggest things in a relationship and if you cheat that trust is broken and be very difficult to get back if you can get it back at all. Everyone acts differently when their trust is broken so there is no telling what will happen when you break your partners trust.

No high maintenance- This should be established first off in a relationship. Neither party wants to be in a relationship that requires extra work or costly extras.

High maintenance relationships usually never work and there tends to be a great deal of fighting. So steer clear of relationships that are like this. You will be a lot happier in the long run that you do not have to buy costly items just to keep your partner.

Relationships should be a happy experience and if you follow the basic unspoken laws then you will be sure to have a great long lasting relationship.

Things should fall into place and not take as much hard work. You will have more time to enjoy each others company and grow stronger as a couple.

Remember that this is a joint venture and you both are equally important. Keep your past relationships in the past and don't try to rule one another. Make sure that you keep your eyes are for your partner only.

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