Recognizing Teen Dating Violence

There is a growing concern is this world and that revolves around teen dating violence. This is a very poor position as our teens are becoming victims or being the abuser.

When you consider the ramifications there is a lot that has to be done about this issue and we are not doing enough at this point.

Teen dating violence means that a teen is being abused by some one they are dating. This can be physical, mental or sexual violence as the term is broad and wide reaching. So we have to learn what we can do about this very serious issue that has long been ignored by so many.

When you are the parent of a teen you need to be aware of the issue that is teen dating violence. There are many things that we have to do to protect our teens from this position. As we work through it there is the importance of under standing and such that must be put to the abuser.

So with that in mind we are going to look at the warning signs of teen dating violence and how you can help to prevent it. This is an article that will help you to know what you are looking for and how you can counsel the teens that you know who have been involved in this issue.

Secret Shame

A teen that is being abused, most likely a female, will have a shame that is attached to the idea of the abuser. The teen will feel like she is too blame for her boyfriend or date hitting her.

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This is a very common response to the issue of teen dating violence as it is part of the programming from the abuser.

There is also the idea that the teen being abused will hide the abuse for as long as possible. This is because they feel it is their fault. There is also the chance that they fear for their lives. In many cases the abuser will threaten the victim with more violence if the victim were to tell anyone.

When the teen that you have is acting strangely, hiding from you and pretending that things are not wrong then you have one of the strongest warning signs around. They will often feel like they are required to behave a certain way, like answering the phone on time and so on.

The Abuser Status

On the abusing end of teen dating violence you have some thing all together different. The abuser is most likely a person that is very nice in front of other people. They will show very little in the way of outward appearance that will show their violent nature to any one else.

You should look for some one who is very controlling, like demanding to know where their girlfriend is at all times. They will often times cover this with a general nature of concern but it is a controlling issue only.

Also watch for someone who makes unreasonable demands and such of the victim.

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