What Do Men Don't Know About Dating Relationships?

There are thousands of dating tips and articles on the web. Most of them suggest different ways and methods to get a date. There are several dating secrets about women men do not know and have always been oblivious to. Here in this article I am trying to show something dating relationship that actually men do not know.

Facts about sex:

Sex has vital role in the dating relationship. It is true that one percent of adults has zero interest in sex and has never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all. Asexuality may be an under the radar sexual orientation. On the other hand, an estimated 3 to 6 per cent of the population has some form of sex addiction.

Women may be bisexual:

Several studies have proved that women may be naturally bisexual. When their libido increases, a similar increase can be seen in the desire of having both sexes. It also shows that women were physically aroused by erotic films of both men and women. So in order to keep your dating relationship alive, you need to know the women's nature.

What's love got to do with it?

The distinct areas of the brain can be activated by a sexual arousal and romantic love. It will make your love more powerful. These activities can turns on dopamine which linked with central nervous system and this leads to enhance motivation.

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Girls want you to take control of dating relationship:

Actually girls want men to take charge. They actually hate it when you ask "Where do you want to eat" or " where do you want to hangout". She wants you to take control. So please try to say like "Come over and let's play some video games at my house." She will comply with it or will just request to make changes if she does not feel it.

Women always lie:

Women always says “I am fine and don't worry about me”. However everything may be wrong with her. It may be followed by a long silence and she getting mad at you for no reason. So it is better to avoid asking about it when you already know she's not okay. Try to understand her fully for the existence of your dating relationship.

She doesn't like your friends:

Your partner does not like it when you try to hangout with your friends without her. She thinks like that you feel happy when you are with your friends. Then she will worry that she may not make you feel happy. So please try to be in constant communication with your girl while you spend time with your guy buddies. Let her hang out with you sometimes for the survival of your dating relationship.

Ugly men never get dates:

It is an important dating secret most men are oblivious to. It does not mean that you need to have look like film stars to get a date. The overall personality of a man highly affects the Dating relationship. It is just more than mere looks. That is why ugly guys never get dates.

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